Episode 4.03 : To Have and to Hold

  • Medium
    • Episode Premiere : January 21, 2008
    • Distributor : CBS, NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2011
    • Production Company: Picturemaker, Grammnet, Paramount Network
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

An upset woman, Melissa is alone in a Paris hotel room. Her husband Kent returns with aspirin, but she pulls away. He hoped springtime in Paris in the same hotel room as their honeymoon would put Melissa in a good mood, and decides to try some wine. After a toast, Melissa's glass falls to the floor. When Kent bends to clean it up, she stabs him in the hand with the corkscrew. Allison bolts awake.

In the morning, Joe nervously prepares for an interview at one of the only two firms in Phoenix that might hire him. Since the other firm is laying people off, he muses that it might be the last engineering job in town. The interview with Peter Barrister goes well, but there are two other candidates. And, Peter's wife Bonnie is a big fan of Allison's, and has invited them to her party that night.

Joe reluctantly asks Allison for a favor. She reluctantly agrees to go to the party, concerned that she'll be expected to sit in a corner and read tea leaves. Joe explains her ability can finally help him gain a leg up where he really needs it, and Allison promises to have Ariel babysit. Bonnie greets them at her door, thrilled to meet Allison.

Finding Allison alone, Bonnie speaks intimately. She doesn't know how Allison can live with Phoenix and the people in it, after all they've done to her. Allison thanks Bonnie for her kind words. Bonnie is about to introduce Allison to her daughter, Melissa, who's about to get married. Shocked to see the woman in her dreams, Allison ducks out, claiming a headache.

Joe asks Allison not to say anything about her dream at the party. Melissa appears to be fine. When Bonnie checks in, Allison asks about Melissa's fiancé. Steven will be Melissa's second husband. She was married to first husband Kent for three horrible years, and yes they did honeymoon in Paris. Afterwards, Allison admits that she had fun, and that Bonnie met her minimum requirements for friendship. Joe doesn't want to jinx it, but thinks he really wants to work with Peter.

Allison's dream continues. After stabbing Kent, Melissa breaks the wine bottle and threatens him, as he pulls out the corkscrew. Kent muses that Paris was a bad idea; maybe they should have gone to their secret hideaway, a cabin instead. He knows Melissa is mad, but he also knows how much she loves him. She drops the bottle, crying in Kent's arms, telling her that he still loves her. The next morning, Peter calls and asks Joe to bring Allison over to his house.

Melissa has disappeared, leaving a message on Bonnie's phone that she needs to be alone to think, and not to try to find her. Bonnie doesn't want to put Allison on the spot, but she's hoping to find Melissa and convince her she's made a terrible mistake before it's too late. If there's any way Allison could help. A skeptic, Peter has already called in three private investigators.

Allison says nothing, and Joe decides they better damn well find Melissa if he wants the job. Allison wonders if Melissa hasn't gone to Paris, but Joe doesn't think she would go the place her first marriage fell apart. Allison remembers Kent mentioning the secret hideaway. Joe calls Peter, hoping to locate Kent. Allison finds Kent wearing work gloves at his business, where he creates life-like dioramas for museums.

Allison explains that Melissa is missing and Kent quickly recognizes her from the news. Kent cut off contact with Melissa after the divorce, and she always rented their secret hideaway cabin on Lake Meade from a guy named Chuck. Back at home, Joe calls Peter to tell him about Lake Meade. That night, Allison dreams of Melissa in the same red dress she wore to Bonnie's party, forced into the trunk of car.

It's the middle of the night, and Joe doesn't want to call the Barristers. They both wish they could deliver the news with a shred of hope. Peter is incredulous, but Allison assures him that Melissa is clearly in danger, and they should call police. Bonnie points out that Allison was right about Lake Meade, and insists on calling the police. After they arrive, Steven enters, having just flown in from Los Angeles.

Melissa left Steven a message while he was in the air, claiming that she's fine and just needs time to think. Peter angrily tells Joe and Allison to slip out while he alerts the detectives. Joe starts looking for jobs on line again, and Allison apologizes for blowing his chance at a job. The TV news plays a story about the arrest of mob boss Nardiello. That night in Allison's dream, Melissa watches the same newscast.

Allison revisits Kent to ask where he stayed on his honeymoon. Kent informs that the hotel was torn down in 2003. When he pulls off his glove to reveal the corkscrew wound, Allison exits quickly, and proceeds to visit Scanlon at the police station. He pulls her into a stairwell, as she explains that she believes Kent has recreated the honeymoon hotel room at his business, and is holding Melissa captive.

Scanlon can't get a search warrant based on a dream, but he will be in Kent's neighborhood in an hour. If someone were to call in a bomb threat or fire, he would be legally obliged to assist emergency personnel in clearing the building. When alarms sound, Melissa tries to break out her hotel room jail, but can't. Luckily Scanlon climbs through the miniature reproduction of Paris to rescue her.

At home, Allison, Peter and the family watch the news as Melissa is released. Allison is grateful that she hasn't been mentioned. The sad news is, Peter has decided to sell his company in order to spend more time at home, helping Melissa recover from her ordeal. When the kids ask why the job still won't be open anyway, Joe explains that his old company is going to buy Peter's firm. How does Allison feel about living in Oregon?






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