Episode 2.07 : Sound and Fury

  • Longmire
    • Next Show Eps 6.01: The Eagle and the Osprey
      November 17, 2017
    • Episode Premiere : July 08, 2013
    • Distributor : Netflix, A&E
    • Genre : Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2017
    • Production Company: The Shephard/Robin Company, Warner Horizon TV
    • Official Site : http://www.netflix.com/title/70269479

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's a busy night at the Red Pony, but Henry has help. Cady Longmire has taken a part-time position waiting tables. Henry helps her with an order and overhears a customer asking another man, who looks like a biker, to kill his wife. The biker refuses and leaves the bar. Not long after, the man who tried to hire him leaves as well. Henry confronts him in the parking lot and offers to take the job.

Walt arrives at his office later that night and Henry tells him what happened. Unfortunately, Henry wasn't able to get the man's name, or the name of his wife. The rest of the team arrive, and Walt has Ferg set up surveillance on Henry's phone. Walt asks if anyone else saw the man, and Henry is forced to reveal that Cady was working at the bar. Walt is upset, but focused on preventing the murder. Cady remembers that one of the men, the "hot" one, was wearing a vest with a Brown Hawk Construction logo on it.

The next day, Vic and Walt track down the man Cady remembered at a construction site. Walt isn't happy to see that he's the biker. Vic seems to think Cady has a thing for bad boys. The biker, named Richard Montero, tells them that the other man's name was Bill, and that his wife works at a bank, but that's all he was told. Walt tells Vic to check every bank in Durant for women employees with husbands named Bill, Billy, Will, William, or any other version of "Bill."

Later, Vic calls Branch to see if he's had better luck finding the woman, but his luck has been just as bad as hers. As she hangs up, she notices someone from her past. Ed Gorski, a former Philadelphia police officer, approaches her and they catch up. He tells her that he retired and now he and his wife are taking their RV across country. Vic seems worried to see him and, while he remains polite, his voice has a definite edge to it. He asks Vic to meet up later and she agrees to grab a drink after he promises to bring his wife. Gorski makes a special effort to ask after Vic's husband, Sean, more than once. Vic seems extremely uncomfortable to have Gorski in town.

Back at the Red Pony, they finally get a call from Bill. Unfortunately, instead of giving Henry instructions, he just tells him that he found someone else for the job, then hangs up.

They are able to trace the call and discover it was made by Bill Norquist. They bring him to the station and Bill tells them that he wasn't seriously trying to hire someone to kill his wife. He was just angry and blowing off steam. Bill's lawyer arrives and ushers him out, but the Ferg has heard from Branch; the wife's name is Diane Highsmith. Walt sends the Ferg to keep an eye on Bill, and Vic goes to meet Branch.

Vic and Branch speak with Diane about her husband. She's convinced he's all talk, but she takes their advice to stay away from her house for the time being. She has a friend who's out of town, so she will stay there. Branch decides to escort the attractive woman there to make sure she arrives safely, an offer she seems pleased to accept.

As Branch sits in his car outside Diane's place, he gets a call from Cady. He's surprised to hear from her, but she's as surprised as he is. It seems she accidentally "ass-dialed" him. They both start to laugh, but Branch has to quickly hang up when Walt opens his car door and sits down. He feels bad for always giving Branch the unglamorous jobs, so he thought he'd take the rest of his shift. Branch's phone rings again, but this time it's for Walt. A detective in South Dakota has found a body from Durant on a train car. It's Bill Norquist.

Walt heads to South Dakota where he meets a "gutter punk" girl who travels from town to town hopping trains and taking photographs to document her travels. She shows Walt a picture she shot of Bill's body when she found it. He convinces her to let him keep it as evidence.

Vic and Ferg investigate Bill's workplace in an attempt to figure out how he ended up so far away. As they search, Vic calls the RV park that Gorski said he was staying at and is disturbed to learn that no one named Gorski has checked in. She and the Ferg discover a rail yard behind Bill's office, and a puddle of blood next to where a train car was recently parked. The Ferg notes that whoever killed Bill must be familiar with the train yard.

Branch tells Diane that they found Bill's body, but she doesn't seem too upset. He is surprised to find her friend's house has very little furniture and the electricity doesn't seem to be on. He calls the condo leasing office and learns that her "friend's" name is Diane Highsmith.

As Branch reports his findings to Walt, Bill's lawyer stops by the office to tell him that he thinks Diane might be behind Bill's death. Bill learned that she was secretly planning to divorce him. The lawyer says that Bill's mother, who recently passed away, was wealthy, so Diane stands to gain a lot in the divorce. On the other hand, if Bill was dead, she'd inherit everything.

Walt, Vic and Branch confront Diane about the divorce. She claims she was waiting for Bill's mother to die before setting things in motion to avoid overwhelming him emotionally. She asks why she would bother to start divorce proceedings if she was just going to kill Bill. Walt answers, "Maybe so you could say exactly what you just did."

At the Red Pony, Henry and Deena are arguing because she lied to him about where she had been when she went out of town. Before she can answer, the phone rings. Henry answers and is cut off by the caller, who claims to be the killer. He says that Bill hired him to kill Diane, but then changed his mind. The caller says he then altered the deal and told Bill to pay him to not kill her. Bill didn't pay, so the caller shot him. A patron leaves the bar playing harmonica, then Henry hears the same harmonica moments later on the phone. He realizes the killer is just outside. He grabs a gun from behind the bar and dashes outside, but the killer has already escaped on a hot-wired motorcycle.

They trace the call and learn it came from a disposable phone. One of the other numbers in the phone's history belongs to Bill's lawyer, Clay. Walt brings him in. At first, Clay denies calling the number. He scrolls through his call history and is surprised to find that a call was made to the killer from his phone. He remembers that Bill borrowed his phone the day before.

Walt and Vic return to the train yard where Walt notices graffiti on the wall that matches graffiti he saw in the photo of Bill's body that the punk girl gave him. They wake a nearby punk with a tattooed face and ask him about the tag, which resembles a zipper. The man tells them that it's the work of a guy named Zip, and warns them to stay away from him. He says that Zip is dangerous, and he hasn't seen him since that morning.

They get a call from Branch, who has been staying at the Red Pony to protect Henry. He had been calling Diane every hour to make sure she was safe, but the last time he called, she didn't answer. He arrives at Diane's as Walt tells him to wait for back-up, but Branch decides there's no time to lose. He enters the house and finds Diane tied to a chair and gagged, but otherwise unharmed. On the wall is the graffiti tag of the zipper.

Diane tells Walt, Vic and Branch that the man was waiting for her when she got home. He took $500, but she could tell he wasn't in it for the money; he was enjoying himself. Walt and Vic are stunned when she described the man as being in his mid-twenties with a tattoo on his face and an unpleasant order. They realize the punk they talked to at the train yard was the killer they were looking for.

Walt and Vic return to the train yard where they call the number of the killer's disposable phone. They hear it ring, and someone tries to make a run for it. Vic quickly tackles him, but it's not the man they're after. He tells them that Zip gave him the phone and left to go to a place where he knew he could steal a car.

Henry walks into the back room at the Red Pony and finds Zip armed with a handgun. Zip tells him to shut and lock the door. He tells Henry that he's been riding the rails, trying to learn the meaning of life. He learned that life is meaningless, but he also learned that every life has value. Bill's life had been worth $2,000. He figures Henry's life is worth a ride out of town.

Henry drives his truck as Zip crouches down on the passenger side floor, keeping his gun aimed at Henry's head. As they drive, Walt passes going the other direction. He sees Henry, and turns around to follow. Henry suddenly yanks the wheel to the side, sending the truck spinning into a ditch. Zip and Henry struggle for the gun as Walt jumps out to help. Zip gets the upper hand, and uses Henry as a human shield. He asks Walt what Henry's life is worth to him. Walt notes that Henry's truck is out of commission and offers Zip his truck, telling him he'll let him go, and that no one will stop him if he's driving a sheriff's vehicle. Zip agrees to the deal, so Walt tosses him the keys. Surprised, Zip drops his guard. As he reaches for the keys, Walt whips up his gun and fires. Henry ducks to the side as Zip is hit. The killer goes down, incapacitated, but not dead. Henry compliments Walt on the shot. "Well," he responds, "I couldn't let him take my truck."






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