Lie to Me

Episode 3.01 : In the Red

  • Lie to Me
    • Episode Premiere : October 04, 2010
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2011
    • Production Company: Fox TV, Imagine TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dr. Cal Lightman and two men enter an elevator and describe a planned bank robbery. Cal, who'll be opening the safe, asks for a gun.

Thirty-six hours earlier, Cal is in his office, telling a woman that writing a book isn't easy. (Meanwhile, Eli Loker is describing Cal as a selfish, but brilliant, dangerous, narcissistic bully, adding that he doesn't know why he's worked for him for so long.) The woman replies that Cal's had two years to write his book, and if the publisher doesn't get it by the end of the quarter, they'll sue him for fraud.

Dr. Gillian Foster watches the woman leave and warns Cal not to put the Lightman Group's finances at risk. Cal heads for his bank - and accosts a man he believes is planning to rob it. Cal follows the man to a coffee shop and asks to be part of the robbery.

Cal returns to the bank, shows manager Sandy Baxter that the man was mapping blind spots in the security cameras and explains that the bank's security guard recognized the man. Cal asks Baxter to work with him.

Cal and Gillian question the guard, who explains that he only recognized the man's voice as one of the guys who recently abducted him and threatened his family if he didn't provide them with blueprints and the vault's combination, which he has yet to deliver.

Meanwhile, Cal is angry that Gillian told the bank to freeze the Lightman Group's assets. Gillian then argues with Eli about job candidate Sarah Lang and orders him to interview her.

Cal asks a female police detective named Sharon Wallowski to identify the man casing the bank. (She remembers that Cal maced her when he thought she was breaking into his house in last season's final episode.) When she asks why he doesn't get Agent Ben Reynolds to do this, Cal explains that he quit working with the FBI because he's "nobody's lap dog."

The mystery man turns out to be Mike Salinger, paroled 18 days ago after serving three years for beating a middle manager at the very same bank. The bank claimed Salinger fell behind on his mortgage after his interest rate skyrocketed; when he couldn't get this resolved, he lost his temper and attacked the manager.

Cal, Gillian, and Ria Torres notice Eli interviewing Sarah, who is hearing-impaired. She tells Eli that she could read Cal's lips, talking about Eli, from across the room. Gillian reports that Salinger's former cellmate Henry Miller, who crippled a man in a previous robbery attempt, was released three months ago. She also learns that the prison therapist who claimed that Miller was rehabilitated did so because she felt threatened.

Cal finds Salinger and Miller in a bar. He tells them that he lost his job at the bank and wants in on the planned robbery, claiming he has the blueprints/combination info they need. Miller handcuffs Cal to the bar rail until they can verify his story. Then they order Cal to have everything delivered to a nearby address.

Meanwhile, Ria and Eli illegally enter the now-vacant house that Salinger lost when he went to prison and find an old photo of Salinger and his ex-wife taped to a wall above a recently used sleeping bag. When they interview Salinger's ex, she reveals that he asked her to befriend the security guard's wife, which enabled the would-be robbers to convincingly threaten his family.

When Miller gets the blueprints, but not the combination, Cal tells Miller it's in his head, so Miller puts a gun to it. Then Miller, Salinger, and Cal enter the bank.

Cal tells Salinger to leave; he ignores him. As three more robbers enter the bank in succession, Cal flashes hand signals to Detective Wallowski, who's disguised as an employee.

The robbery begins. Salinger holds a gun to a woman who identifies herself as the home loan manager. Once Cal opens the safe, the robbers enter the vault and are surrounded by police waiting inside.

Several cops who were posing as customers pull guns on Salinger. It's a standoff. Cal tells Salinger that his hostage didn't screw up his home loan, Baxter did. When Salinger glances toward Baxter, Cal swats his gun aside, and police subdue Salinger.

Cal knew Baxter was responsible because - having recognized Salinger when he was casing the bank - he didn't want Cal to get the police involved. Baxter tells Salinger's ex that his honest mistake caused them to lose their house, but cowardice and fear kept him from admitting this. The reimbursed interest will enable her to get the house back.

Back at the Lightman Group, Cal warns Gillian that if she messes with his finances again, they're through. He's surprised to find Sarah and a young man in his office. Gillian enters and explains that they're the new job candidates. Cal starts screaming, notes that Sarah reads his true feelings from his facial expressions, and hires her immediately. Then he exits.

Eli accosts Cal, who attributes Eli's newfound assertiveness to his recent therapy sessions. Cal also knows that Eli's been looking for a new job - and promises to give him a good recommendation.

Cal then greets Detective Wallowski with a warm embrace, which Gillian witnesses. Cal turns, tells Gillian that she's now met the new help, and suggests a group hug.

"Too early?," Cal asks. Gillian smiles and shakes her head.






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