Last Resort

Episode 1.04 : Voluntold

  • Last Resort
    • Episode Premiere : October 18, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Thriller
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Sony Pictures Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Grace holds her own as she takes the Conn during an intense battle drill. The crew, however, needs to improve its time. There's dissention in the ranks. The COB still has the respect of his men, but many have lost faith in Marcus and Sam. The captain and XO have been officially indicted for acts of treason and terrorism against the United States. Prosser assures Grace that he'll be more than ready to paddle her, Marcus and Sam right up to their trial in Washington.

Anders, the senior nuke-rated chief on the Colorado, breaks protocol by waiting for the captain in his quarters. He wants to go home. Marcus believes they should let the crew decide if they want to stay or go. Sam's not sure that's a good idea. He wants Cortez to persuade the female recruits to stay so the men will think twice before jumping ship. Speaking of Cortez, she and Brannan tell inaccurate stories as to what went down while they were held captive after Redman's body is found dead on the shore.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Shots are fired on the captain as he walks through town. Sam chases down the gunman, Wallace, who is one of five sailors that were contacted by Secretary of Defense Curry. They were ordered to terminate the captain's command by using lethal force if necessary. Marcus doesn't want any of the men disciplined even though his life may be in danger. He wants to prepare for another drill. Marcus will board the Colorado with his crew, just as he always does.

Marcus is impressed with the results of the latest torpedo attack scenario drill. The celebration is short-lived once Brannan enters the Conn holding a live grenade. The guy is coming unspooled as he takes control of the Colorado. Marcus clears the Conn so he can find out what's going through this young man's mind. He explains his actions while the entire crew listens in over the sub's speaker system. Brannan eventually fesses up about the guilt he feels over Redman.

Sam, Prosser and others storm the Conn. Marcus orders them to stand down until Brannan can speak with the Secretary of Defense, who gives the order to blow up the sub. This is an order the scared sailor just cannot follow, much like the one Marcus disobeyed not so long ago. Cortez tells the captain what really went down with Serrat. A short time later, many of the sailors switch their names from the "go" side of the volunteer board to the "stay" side having been inspired by their captain. Anders notices that his name has been switched for him. His nuke expertise makes this unhappy sailor invaluable to the cause.

SEAL Barry Hopper is struggling to survive his injuries in the hospital, which has been robbed of all its morphine. Grace wants to know why the Illinois tried to blow them up a half hour after they picked up this guy and his pals. There has to be a connection to the SEAL team and the nuclear strike on Pakistan. James is in no mood to answer her questions. He's more interested in getting morphine for his friend. That's why he pays a visit to the man he knows has the goods: Julian Serrat.

Speaking of Julian, he is looking to capitalize on the valuable rare earth minerals that may exist on the island. He wants Sophie to continue the search for these minerals now that her geologist boyfriend has fled before paying back the debt he accrued during prior testing. Sophie says her tests indicate there are no valuable minerals to be found. She's lying. Serrat menacingly orders her to keep looking.

James asks an ailing Hopper about the "changed" orders they got back in Pakistan. He wants to know why they killed an unnamed individual. The morphine kicks in before he can get any real answers. James gets into a brawl with two of his SEAL pals when they want to take Hopper off the island with a boat they've acquired. Tani treats his bruises and kisses him on the lips once he falls asleep. James later buries the friend he's been storing in her freezer since it appears they will be remaining on the island for awhile now.

Christine Kendal is dealing with a slew of issues back home. There's an aggressive press corps camped outside her home. The government has cut off her husband's pay, so she has no income. Paul Wells, the lawyer we first met in "Blue on Blue," gives her a few hundred bucks to help her get by. Still, Christine is coming unhinged. That's why she takes a baseball bat to the white van that's been parked outside her place after seeing the word "traitor" painted on her garage door. She screams at the press. Christine says that she is a U.S. citizen who will not be silenced. She wants the truth to come out.

Kylie Sinclair learns that her dad is the one who got the man she was sleeping with to steal the hard drive with all the data for the Perseus prototype. Her father, we'll just call him Sinclair, says he turned it over to the government to protect their family's future. Kylie meets with Admiral Shepard to let him know that the stolen hard drive will show the Colorado's location before the attack. This is information the government wants to keep hidden.

Sam goes for a swim in the ocean. He sees Sophie standing on the shore. She leads him up to an extremely beautiful spot on the island. Sophie lets Sam that since he is now the power on the island, he also has a responsibility to it. She says there are things here that are worth more than he could possibly imagine. Sophie leaves Sam alone to wonder just what those things are.

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