Knight Rider

Episode 1.11 : Day turns to Knight

  • Knight Rider
    • Episode Premiere : January 14, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Action
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2009
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Dutch Oven Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Allan Kroeker
  • Screenwriter Dave Andron
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Rick Hoffman,
    • Richard Roundtree

The Story

KITT warns Mike that the road ahead contains many obstacles. Would Mike like KITT to drive? Knowing that KITT has too many safety protocols, Mike takes charge, ordering KITT into Attack Mode with lights and sirens as a motorcycle cop starts chasing them through a construction zone. Mike turbo boosts over all obstacles, finally losing the cop.

When Stevens calls, Mike has KITT patch in the SSC. Blaming Mike for the FBI's raid on the warehouse, Stevens demands $1 billion within two hours or Olara dies. Unable to track Stevens' whereabouts, Billy suggests paying the ransom. Even if he can get the money in time, Torres knows that Stevens is still capable of killing Olara and making another bomb.

On the SSC C-130 cargo plane, Sarah and Graiman struggle to come up with a diffusion strategy. According to Torres, there's only 45 minutes to find a solution. Otherwise, a squadron of F-15s, already deployed, will eliminate Mike, KITT and the bomb. Billy decides to dig into Stevens' past for clues, and Mike orders KITT to compile a possible list of targets for Stevens' bomb.

Rivai survives the blast with a few broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Zoe escorts her to the hospital. KITT concludes that the target is a nuclear waste disposal facility, which they should reach in 56 minutes. Mike spies the F-15s overhead just as Graiman and Sarah arrive. With an overpass looming ahead, they want Mike to drive KITT into the plane, while pilot Gus tries to maintain speed over 100 mph.

KITT calculates that it's probable that the plane will hit the overpass; although the landing gear is ripped off and the fuselage sustains damage, the plane is mostly intact after impact. When Stevens calls, Mike makes sure that Stevens can't see them, keeping him unaware that they are on the plane.

Stevens is suspicious that he can't see Mike, but is more interested in the whereabouts of his $1 billion. Shoving Olara in front of the camera, Stevens demands the money within a half hour, or else. Meanwhile, Graiman and Sarah cook up a plan to pull the bomb out of KITT and shove it out of the plane to detonate at 51,255 feet over the Atlantic, thus rendering its fallout ineffective.

Co-pilot Josh points out that the plane's ceiling is 32,000 feet. Already hurting from the collision, the plane's fuselage could rip apart at 50,000 feet. Pilot Gus remains calm as Mike orders him to start climbing. Meanwhile, the only thing Billy can find on Stevens is frequent travel to Phoenix. Zoe waits while Rivai undergoes surgery. One of her broken ribs pierced her pulmonary artery. A guy from the CIA shows up to check on Rivai, introducing himself to Zoe as Rivai's father Lawrence.

After extracting the bomb from KITT's trunk, Graiman surrounds it in liquid plastic so it won't blow when Hank the robot tosses it out of the plane. KITT explains that all the humans must be inside his cabin when the toss takes place or risk asphyxiation or freezing to death within ten seconds. When Stevens calls again, Torres assures him that the money should be in his account any minute.

The plane reaches altitude, beyond the maximum stress level for structural integrity, but Graiman refuses to release the bomb. Torres tries to convince Stevens not to detonate-- the burden of conscience will be lifelong. Refusing to trust any federal employee, Stevens detonates the bomb seconds after Hank hurls it from the plane.

When the bomb explodes, the plane loses power and goes dark, plunging into rapid descent. KITT gets auxiliary power online, enabling Gus and Josh to regain control. KITT calculates that Stevens only used one-sixth of the stolen hafnium for the bomb... which means, he's making another one.

Back at the hospital, Zoe and Lawrence wait nervously while Rivai's in surgery. Zoe assumes that Lawrence must be proud of his daughter for her brave and necessary work protecting the country. Still angry that his daughter chose a career in the FBI, Lawrence wonders -- what is her sacrifice worth if she dies on the operating table?

Graiman tells Gus to set a course over the Pacific, preparing everyone to bail out of the ailing plane. Sarah and Mike will drop inside of KITT once Stevens' next target is located. Sarah insists that Graiman drop with them. At the hospital, Rivai emerges from surgery in stable but delicate condition. The tear in her pulmonary artery was repaired, but she can't be put on a respirator for fear of ripping the stitches.

Stevens calls Torres, angry that his bomb exploded without taking out its target. Torres demands to know what Stevens wants. Stevens promises it's something money can't buy, but his next bomb will unleash unimaginable horror. Figuring that Stevens is some kind of fanatic, Billy resolves that the key to stopping him is to figure out what he's after.

Rivai regains consciousness. Unable to talk, she asks for a pen to write one word, "Valdor," before passing out again. Billy discovers that Valdor is a chemical company that synthesizes compounds for chemical weapons. Graiman insists that there aren't supposed to be any chemical weapons plants on American soil, but KITT informs them of documents that prove otherwise.

Billy figures that Stevens wants to cause destruction on a massive scale to prove to the Pentagon that they should have backed his preventative weapon. When KITT locates a Valdor plant in Phoenix, Billy knows it's Stevens' intended target. KITT accesses the plant's security cameras to spy Stevens unloading another bomb and Olara. Torres wants to call local cops, but Mike convinces him that he and KITT can handle it.

Stevens leaves his henchmen to guard the plant's gate, as the plane arrives overhead. Graiman loads Mike and Sarah in KITT, then implements a protocol causing KITT to effectively lock him out. Graiman explains that he'll stay to help Gus land the plane safely. Gus is confident that they'll succeed, but Josh chooses to bail out.

As Stevens arms his bomb, KITT lands on the ground. Billy runs the numbers: if the bomb explodes, the death toll will be in the six figures. At the hospital, alarms sound. Rivai has stopped breathing. Lawrence and Zoe watch helplessly as the doctors struggle to bring her back to life.

Stevens streams a live video message from the Valdor plant: the Pentagon thought his weapon was unnecessary, but if they had it now, they could prevent the destruction he's about to unleash. Mike orders KITT into Stealth Attack Mode and has him take out Valdor's radio frequencies, plunging the plant into darkness as they smash through the gate.

Mike quickly takes out Stevens' henchmen, and has KITT guide him through the plant with Sarah on backup. Mike finds Stevens with his finger on the bomb's trigger, holding a gun to Olara's head. When Mike sees his window, he shoots Stevens, and Sarah grabs the trigger. Mike leaves Sarah holding the trigger to escort Olara to a waiting helicopter, which will speed her to the peace talks.

n the air, Gus apologizes to Graiman when alarms sound. Rivai regains consciousness, only to learn that even after several months of recovery, she'll never be able to work in the field again. After the bomb is diffused, Sarah finds Mike, who informs her that the plane has exploded; there are no survivors. Mike hugs Sarah as KITT realizes that their father, Graiman, is dead.






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