Hell's Kitchen

Episode 5.02 : 15 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : February 05, 2009
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The chefs return to the dorm after the first elimination of Wil from the blue team. Seth is happy to have survived, but the blue team feels that he should have been gone. The red team deals with Lacey's attitude and Coi gives her a warning to step up to the plate or just go home.

The chefs head to bed late, but are rudely awakened early the next morning by a marching drum line playing a loud cadence in the dorms. The chefs head out to the front of the restaurant where Chef Ramsay is waiting. He tells the chefs how he is disappointed with the amount of waste from the previous service. As a lesson to them, they must dive into icy cold seawater to collect expensive hand dived scallops.

Wet, tired and miserable, the chefs return to the kitchen. Chef Ramsay gives a brief lesson in how to shuck a scallop and challenges the chefs to shuck as many as they can in 15 minutes. The team with the most scallops shucked to Chef Ramsay's standards will win the challenge.

After shucking, Chef Ramsay judges the red team first. Carol gets the red team off to a good start with an impressive 8 out of 8. The red team get onto a roll, but Lacey halts their streak by only having 3 acceptable scallops. Even though the red team is annoyed with Lacey's performance, they still come to a total of 35 scallops.

Leading off for the blue team is Executive Sous Chef, Ben who only gets 3 out of 11 past Chef Ramsay. Danny thinks that Ben, with the experience he has, talks a big game but has yet to deliver. Danny is next, and does well setting the men off on a streak while the women watch their lead closing. After Charlie only has 2 acceptable scallops, the score is 35 for the women and 32 for the men. With two more chefs to go, the blue team is confident, but Seth only manages to tie it for them. J only narrowly wins it for the men having only one scallops get past chef Ramsay and the blue team is victorious with 36 to the red team's 35 scallops.

Chef Ramsay announces that the blue team will be spending the day with him by taking a helicopter ride to beautiful Catalina Island while the red team must shuck all of the scallops in the restaurant and prepare for a raw bar that will be set up for tomorrow night's dinner service.

Upset over her performance in the challenge, Lacey climbs into bed and begins to cry. The rest of her team is not happy that she is breaking down, and when Lacey reveals that she will not be helping them with the punishment, Carol snaps and yells at her.

Meanwhile, Robert is called to Chef Ramsay's office. He is informed, that due to his size, he will be too heavy to ride in the helicopter with them, but he will be coming on the reward via the ferry.

The men take off in the helicopter as Robert departs on his ferry. After arriving in Catalina, the men enjoy a submarine ride looking at the beautiful sea life in Catalina. While on the submarine, Seth reveals to Chef Ramsay and the rest of the blue team his near obsessive knowledge of Chef Ramsay's life. Everyone is a little freaked out by this revelation. As the day comes to a close, Robert final arrives on Catalina, only to turn around and join the others on their way back to Hell's Kitchen.

Meanwhile, the red team works on shucking scallops and preparing the raw bar for their punishment, minus Lacey. The women are very outspoken about Lacey's lack of team work. Lacey finally comes down to join the rest of her team after 8 hours of resting in bed to find the other women less than welcoming.

A new day begins in Hell's Kitchen, and both teams prep furiously for the second dinner service. Lacey decides to bring a new attitude with her and works hard, but disaster strikes when Ji slips on oil and twists her ankle badly. In a lot of Pain, Ji decides to work through it and go ahead with dinner service.

Just before the doors open, Chef Ramsay assigns one member from each team to work the raw bar; Robert from the blue team and Paula from the red team.

Dinner starts off rocky when Carol's risotto will not even come out of the pan. Even though it didn't pass Chef Ramsay's standards, Carol believes that the risotto is fine to serve. Meanwhile, over in the blue kitchen, Charlie's risotto is missing the cream, seasoning and ham. Charlie admits he has never made a risotto before. Chef Ramsay assigns Ben to help get the risotto out. Ben is confident he can turn the appetizer station around.

In the dining room, Robert's winning personality in serving the raw bar table side buys the blue kitchen some more time by keeping the customers happy. Back in the red kitchen, appetizers have started to leave the red kitchen, but Colleen overcooks scallops. Chef Ramsay assigns Lacey to the fish station to help her out.

Charlie and Ben present a new risotto, and chef Ramsay thinks it's delicious. Over in the red kitchen, Lacey brings up Colleens scallops and again, Chef Ramsay is happy. Charlie once again is in the hot seat when he and Seth serve Chef Ramsay spaghetti lobster, without the lobster.

The red team moves on to entrees and Colleen brings up a salmon that is both raw and overcooked on the outside. Chef Ramsay yells at Colleen mocking the fact that she has a cooking school. Flustered, Colleen can't get a handle on the fish station. Chef Ramsay throws her out of the red kitchen and onto the raw bar. Paula returns to the kitchen and things begin to turn around for red team. Ji works hard, despite the pain from her twisted ankle, much to the amazement of her teammates.

Back in the blue kitchen, Danny serves lamb that chef Ramsay finds amazing. Thanks to Danny, entrees are quickly leaving the blue kitchen until Giovanni serves a bad salmon. Chef Ramsay gets in Giovanni's face, and Giovanni almost snaps.

Both kitchens are close to completing dinner service. Chef Ramsay calls both teams together and tells them the first team to complete dinner service wins. Both teams rush to complete, but when Carol needs three minutes on her dish, the blue team takes the advantage and the men win.

After dinner is completed, Ji nearly collapses from the pain in her ankle. Her teammates reassure her that she will recover, and they don't want her to leave.

With the red team having to come to a consensus on which two should be nominated. Colleen quickly volunteers. Even though Lacey did well during dinner service, Carol leads the charge against her because of her attitude in the kitchen. Lacey is defensive saying that Carol messed up more than she did.

At the elimination, the team does put up Colleen and Lacey. After each have made their pleas, Chef Ramsay is about to make his decision on who will be going home when Ji raises her hand, volunteering to go home. Chef Ramsay decides to send Ji home and allows her to keep her jacket singing her praises.






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