Hell's Kitchen

Episode 11.01 : 20 Chefs Compete

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : March 12, 2013
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 11
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The newest crop of Hell's Kitchen hopefuls meet the "HK" bus in Los Angeles - but instead of being transported to Hell's Kitchen, they return to the airport to take another plane heading to Las Vegas.

In Sin City the Hell's Kitchen crew arrive at a theater packed with a live audience. Gordon Ramsay enters to cheers from the crowd and welcomes the contestants. He then introduces Chef Andi, who will oversee the women's team, and a new addition to the staff, Chef James, who will work with the men's team.

The winner of this year's competition will be awarded the position of head chef at the brand-new Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grille at Caesars Palace, with a salary of $250,000. And for the first time ever in the history of the show, the signature dish challenge will take place in front of a live audience.

Contestants have 45 minutes to come up with something stunning that represents them on a plate. The cooks retreat to the kitchen to begin their first challenge. Forty-five minutes later, the two teams emerge in the theater to present their dishes to Chef Ramsay and an audience of 2,500.

First up are Danielle from Atlanta and Barret from Long Island. Barret presents a pork loin roulade, but it has too much garlic for Chef Ramsay's taste. Danielle's chicken breast is burnt on the bottom. Neither cook gets a point.

Nedra from Detroit and Sebastian from Brooklyn approach. She presents rosemary-glazed lamb, which Gordon says is cooked perfectly. Sebastian's shrimp and salmon corn dogs are not as successful. The women's team gets a point.

When Jeremy from Los Angeles fails to identify the kind of steak he used, Chef Ramsay is unimpressed. Susan from Whittier, California, makes raw lamb, prompting Gordon to ask, "Are you seriously trying to kill me?" No points are awarded.

Next up are Ja'Nel from Houston and Ray from Boston. She nails her prawns, and his veal cutlet is "cooked to perfection." Chef Ramsay gives the point to both teams.

Gina from the Bronx makes a penne pasta that is bland and undercooked, while Dan from Westchester, New York, presents a disappointing eggs Benedict. Once again, neither team gets a point.

Amanda from Orange County, New York, and Jon from York, Pennsylvania, both get points after impressing Chef Ramsay. Cyndi from Queens faces off against Michael from Plains, Pennsylvania. Both dishes get good reviews, but Michael wins the point, leaving the score tied at three.

Jessica from New York City presents a pan-seared wahoo, which is seasoned beautifully. But Anthony from New Orleans makes a disgusting scallop po' boy. The women take the lead.

Mary from Belchertown, Massachusetts, gives Gordon an undercooked duck breast. Christian from Boston makes a pasta that has "flavor, heart and passion" and wins the men's team a point, tying the score again.

In the final round, Zack from Philadelphia prepares a pork chop that is tasty but slightly dry. Jacqueline from Florence, New Jersey, makes a duck breast, which is seasoned beautifully. Though it's a tough choice, Gordon awards the win to the women's team.

As a reward, the Red Team is treated to a VIP night at Caesars Palace, including a Celine Dion concert, while the men have an eight-hour school bus ride back to Los Angeles.

Back in the dorms that night, everyone focuses on studying the menu, except Gina, who is playing with her annoying chef puppet. The next morning, as the contestants prepare for the grand reopening, Gina is sick in bed. Once down in the kitchen, she calls for a medic.

Find out how Gina and the rest of the contestants will fare with the competition's first dinner service in part two of the Season 11 premiere.

As the Hell's Kitchen premiere continues, Gina tells the medic that her mind is wandering and she just needs to relax. Back in the dorms, she focuses on herself while the rest of the Red Team preps for the impending dinner service. Meanwhile, in the Blue Kitchen, the men are working hard, but Jeremy's lack of experience is starting to show.

Before the doors open, Chef Ramsay gives the competitors a pep talk. He explains that he isn't looking for perfection but that he does expect each and every one of them to give their best. With that, he tells them that he is guaranteeing a complete dinner service at which every customer is fed. He also welcomes back Maitre d' Jean-Philippe after a three-year absence.

In addition to the classic menu, Chef Ramsay has added a tableside appetizer of ale-steamed mussels, which will be served by Amanda in the Red Section and Christian in the Blue Section. Back in the kitchen, Gina dives into the appetizers. Even though her teammates are concerned that she is flipping the scallops too many times, Chef Ramsay compliments her on the app.

Despite a strong start, Gina's second batch of scallops is cold and overcooked. Her next attempt comes out hard, and Chef Ramsay throws her out of the kitchen.

The Blue Team gets off to a rocky start when Sebastian overcooks his risotto and makes pasta that is too spicy. His playfulness in the kitchen doesn't sit well with Chef Ramsay, who throws him out - not once but twice.

With Gina gone, the Red Team is cranking out appetizers. But it's up to Jessica and Cyndi on the meat station and Danielle and Susan on garnish to keep up the momentum. While she has experience as an executive chef, Danielle has never worked on a brigade before, and she has trouble remembering the orders that are called.

On the Blue Side, Jon has been able to get the men back on track, and the team moves on to entrees. Even though he's enthusiastic to be on the meat station, Michael can't seem to properly cook his lamb, and Barret's timing with the beef Wellington suffers as a result. On the other side, Jessica manages to prepare her lamb perfectly for the women's team.

When Sebastian returns to try to get back into the kitchen yet again, Chef Ramsay tells him to leave for a third time and take Barret and Michael with him. Ray and Anthony step in to cover the meat station.

The women start to fall behind on garnishes. Chef Ramsay sends both Susan and Danielle back to the dorms. As the women regroup, Jeremy stumbles on the orders in the Blue Team. He, too, is sent packing.

Committed to his promise to complete dinner service, Chef Ramsay sends entrees out of the Red Kitchen without garnishes in hopes that he will catch up on the order before the diner notices. When the customer sends her dish back, Mary comes through for the Red Team to complete the order - but not before Jacqueline is told to leave service.

The men's team soon loses Jon, Dan, Ray and Anthony in rapid succession. With only Christian by his side, Zack starts to feel his body shutting down. Overcome with nausea, he is forced to go into the hallway. But he refuses to stop working.

Despite all odds, both kitchens complete dinner service. Chef Ramsay declares the Red Team to be the winners. After a heated deliberation, the men nominate Jeremy and Sebastian for dismissal. In the end, Sebastian is sent home.






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