Hell's Kitchen

Episode 10.20 : Season Finale, Pt. 2

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Episode Premiere : September 10, 2012
    • Distributor : FOX
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 10
    • Show Period : 2005 - now
    • Production Company: Upper Ground Enterprises, A. Smith & Co., Granada
    • Official Site : http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Christina and Justin are the final two cooks remaining in the competition. They will battle it out to become head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

The night before the final dinner is to be prepared, the two contestants meet in the dorms with the returning competitors, who will now serve as their brigades. Justin is having difficulty with Clemenza, whose ego is still bruised from being sent home but promises to do his best for his new head chef.

The next morning, Christina and Justin gather their teams for a final briefing, but Clemenza is missing in action. Justin is still worried about his commitment, although he ultimately reappears. The team leaders take their crews to the kitchen to prepare for the biggest dinner service of their lives.

Before the doors open, Chef Ramsay arrives to taste the menus of the two finalists. But when Clemenza burns the crostini, Justin's Blue Kitchen is delayed. Brian comes to the rescue and helps cover Clemenza's station.

Chef Ramsay finally gets to sample Justin's dishes. He enjoys the Sambuca-cured wild salmon but tells him to pull back on the olives. However, the presentation of the cod with potato puree does not impress him. He likes the flavors but not the way it looks, and he suggests that Justin adjust the plating. Chef Ramsay also tells Justin the rib-eye with crispy shallots is delicious but warns him overall to try not to be too clever.

Chef Ramsay is impressed by Christina's first dish -- scallops with asparagus risotto. But when he tastes her crabmeat salad, he implores her to change the plating. He wants to see something sexier, like a cocktail glass, because the current presentation does not do the flavors justice. He also likes the pork loin with braised collards but asks her to pull back on the greens. In general Chef Ramsay is pleased, but he encourages Christina to give the dishes some more pizzazz.

With Chef Ramsay satisfied by the menus and pleased with the final adjustments the cooks make to their dishes, Justin and Christina gather their brigades for one final pep talk just minutes before Hell's Kitchen opens.

Guests begin pouring in to enjoy the culinary creations of this year's top competitors. Both finalists' families are in attendance to support them on this biggest night of their lives. In the kitchen, Christina keeps a close eye on Robyn, who has proven in the past to be a weak link with a bad attitude. Meanwhile, Justin is counting on Royce to deliver the first order of appetizers, but his crab cakes are cold in the middle and he needs to re-fire. His second attempt is too dry, and the whole team is frustrated.

Twenty-five minutes into dinner service, the Blue Team is finally getting food out to the patrons. Things are not moving much faster in the Red Kitchen. Dana's scallops are too dark on the bottom, and Robyn's risotto is not cooked properly. Christina's kitchen recovers and finally delivers all their appetizers.

In the Blue Kitchen, Gordon accuses Clemenza of sabotaging the team when he delivers raw food to the pass. Clemenza promises to improve his efforts, and the last appetizers are finally served to the diners.

In Christina's Red Kitchen, the first table of entrees is almost complete, but she is not happy with the quality of Dana's halibut. When Dana refuses to re-fire the fish, Christina puts her foot down and demands more focus.

Entrees are quickly leaving the Blue Kitchen, but there is a problem in the dining room. One patron has sent back salmon that is cold in the middle.

Christina's team has re-fired their first entrees and is just waiting for Dana and her halibut. She delivers a perfect fish, and the Red Team is back on track.

Justin is determined to make sure mistakes stay in the kitchen and don't end up in the dining room, But, unfortunately, that means he's not sending out any food. The cooks on his team must step up their game to meet Justin's standards.

Over in the Red Kitchen, Christina has moved on to her final ticket. But when Dana delivers undercooked pork, Christina pulls the last order and they start over on the ticket.

The Blue Kitchen is also on their last table, but Barbie slips and delivers overcooked rib-eye -- twice. The latest string of mistakes leaves the Blue Team without any more steak. Justin calls James over to inform the diners that they need to substitute filet. Both competitors overcome their setbacks and serve their final diners, receiving rave reviews.

After dinner service, Chef Ramsay gathers the contestants for an announcement. He says he is doing away with the traditional Hell's Kitchen two-door ceremony because he has already chosen a winner. He then jokingly announces that Tavon, the first chef eliminated during the season, is the winner.

On a serious note, he asks Justin and Christina to head up to the dorms and says he will call them back once he makes his real decision. After reading all the customer comment cards and weighing everything that has happened in the kitchen during the season, Chef Ramsay summons Justin and Christina down to his office.

Chef Ramsay congratulates both contestants on being phenomenal leaders. He tells them that, after a great deal of thought, he has come to a decision. The two stand in front of the dual doors leading out in the Hell's Kitchen dining room.

Eager family and friends wait below to see which door will open. The wait is over when a victorious Christina emerges onto the balcony, cheered on by the crowd below. She has won the competition and will claim the coveted job as head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas for a salary of $250,000.






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