The Good Guys

Episode 1.10 : Vacation

  • The Good Guys
    • Episode Premiere : September 24, 2010
    • Distributor : Fox
    • Genre : Comedy, Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2010
    • Production Company: Fox Television Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Sanford Bookstaver
  • Screenwriter Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntyre
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Matt Morgan,
    • RonReaco Lee,
    • Joel Spence,
    • Marcus Maildin,
    • Todd Stashwick

The Story

Dan is winning a foot race with a thief until the thief pepper-sprays him in the face and escapes on a moped. Temporarily blinded, Dan wanders into the street and is almost hit by a car. He then commandeers the vehicle and takes off in pursuit, wiping out a dozen parking meters in the process.

Back at the station, Lt. Ruiz describes all this, adding that Dan also hit an ice cream truck, which distracted the thief, enabling Jack to arrest him. For obvious reasons, Dan is suspended, but so is Jack - for not stopping him.

Dan tells Jack that their suspension is like a vacation and suggests they grab a six-pack because they're still partners. Not this week, says Jack, walking away.

Meanwhile at a Mexican restaurant, two thugs meet a balding man, who says that he wants to know who he's dealing with. The blond thug, Nikolai, says they are "the Georgians," explaining that he's from the Democratic Republic of Georgia (previously part of the U.S.S.R.), while the other thug, Buck, is from Atlanta. They want baldie to help them bust their crime partner out of federal prison. The inmate is Nickolai's hulking cousin Sasha, who killed an FBI agent with his bare hands. Baldie puts his price on a bar napkin; they can't afford it.

Jack is taking his frustrations out at an indoor shooting range when Liz arrives and wants to get a drink. Explaining that she's angry with her new boyfriend, she takes Jack's pistol and empties a clip into the target's crotch.

Dan visits Julius' pawnshop and discovers that his favorite snitch has taken a beating. Julius explains that he borrowed $50,000 from a loan shark, Kasson, who mistakenly tried to collect a day early. Julius hasn't got the money and begs for Dan's help.

So Dan goes to the police department, "borrows" the money from the narcotics division, and tells Julian to give Kasson the cash. Dan will then bust Kasson and return the money. But without badge or gun, this may take a while ...

As Nikolai and Buck share fond memories of Sasha's violence and stupidity, Nikolai explains that the baldie, Teague, is the local federal prison warden.

Jack is slow-dancing with Liz when Ruiz calls. She knows that Dan took the money and orders Jack to find him.

Dan tails Kasson to a bar and demands the money. When Kasson pulls a knife, Dan K.O.'s him with a head butt, stuffs him into his car, and takes off.

Julian delivers a hamburger to Dan, who's holding Kasson hostage at the fairground's carousel (Dan's "thinking place"). When Dan lets Julian avenge his beating by punching Kasson, a notebook falls out of Kasson's pocket - and he admits that he loaned the money to "the Georgians." Then Jack arrives. Dan is pleased, because he can help retrieve the cash.

The next morning, Dan sneaks into the warehouse where Nikolai and Buck are holed up. As Nikolai makes phone arrangements with Teague and Buck watches TV, Dan attempts to steal the cash. But he knocks a peach to the floor, causing the thugs to open fire with automatic weapons. Dan ducks, Jack yells "freeze" - which is all he can do - and the thugs, believing they're surrounded, run away.

While Dan eats the peach and Jack discovers a newspaper clipping about Sasha's arrest, Teague tells Sasha he needs to seriously harm a guard so he can be sprung during his transfer to a more secure prison. Sasha immediately does as he told.

Back at the carousel, Kasson explains his threats of violence are just business; he really thinks of his customers as friends. When Dan asks to be his friend, Kasson agrees, adding that Nikolai and Buck recently bought grenade launchers and gas masks. Dan says that he's going to be a great snitch and gives him the hamburger.

Teague collects the money and hands Nikolai and Buck the route and the keys to the armored truck that'll be transporting Sasha. Jack calls Ruiz about Sasha and learns that he'll be transferred in 20 minutes - and there's an APB on Dan.

Fellow police detectives Hodges and Lang spot Dan running a red light and give chase, requesting permission to disable Dan's vehicle. Meanwhile, Liz calls Jack to apologize for getting angry because he was suddenly called away.

Hodges pulls alongside Dan, who throws a gallon of sour milk in his face to shake him, spots the armored truck, and continues the chase.

Nickolai and Buck stop the truck with a military net and fire a tear gas grenade into the window, disabling the guards. Then they don gas masks and open the back door.

Jack K.O.'s Buck and orders Nikolai out of the truck. Nikolai pulls a gun. Dan K.O.'s Nikolai. Sasha breaks his chains and attacks. Jack tells Dan to rely on his "cop sense" and fires a tear gas grenade into Sasha's crotch. Dan and Sasha swing blindly at air until Jack wraps them both in a second military net.

Julian is giving Dallas police a bogus story about how he captured this trio of thugs, when Ruiz arrives and I.D.'s him as Dan's snitch. Julian asks for a reward. Ruiz walks away.

Back at the station, Dan taunts Hodges and orders him do the paperwork on his new snitch, Kasson. Jack tells Liz that he's sorry for hanging up on her in the midst of the car chase; they agree to meet over paper targets and live ammo. And Ruiz tells Dan and Jack that the "borrowed" money was marked and traced to Teague, exposing a major prison scandal. So they're immediately reinstated. Their "vacation" is over.






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