Golden Boy

Episode 1.05 : Vicious Cycle

  • Golden Boy
    • Episode Premiere : March 19, 2013
    • Distributor : CBS
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2013
    • Production Company: Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Gus Makris
  • Screenwriter Andi Bushell
  • Main Cast
    • Theo James as Jed Harper,
    • Chi McBride as Malcolm Pennington III,
    • Kevin Alejandro,
    • Bonnie Somerville,
    • Holt McCallany as Sam Whitemoon (segment "Old Chief Wood'nhead"),
    • Stella Maeve

  • Additional Cast
    • Ron Yuan,
    • Valarie Pettiford,
    • Polly Draper,
    • Susan Kelechi Watson,
    • Michael Aronov

The Story

The unit receives a call about a DOA found in a suitcase at an airport lot and Owen insists on taking lead when he discovers the DOA is his former CI's brother, Calvin McGee. Owen and Clark meet with Calvin's other sister April who reacts negatively to Owen being on the case given his history with her sister Rochelle. They find out from her that Calvin was an airport baggage supervisor. Arroyo and McKenzie question Calvin's supervisor and learn that Calvin had recently fired another worker named Landis Murphy for looting suitcases. They track Landis down only to have him immediately lawyer up. Arroyo learns that April's car was taken to a tire shop a half-mile from the crime scene around the same time of the murder. The nails that punctured her tires were similar to the nails that punctured the police cars when they initially arrived at the scene. They show April's boyfriend Dominic as the person in her car. A defensive April asserts Dominic and Calvin were on good terms and that her brother had even helped Dominic's friend secure a job at the airport. They figure out that Dominic's friend was Landis and that the two men were involved in smuggling drug money from Jamaica through their airport contacts. Calvin found out what Dominic and Landis were doing and threatened to go to the cops. Owen makes an emotional appeal to April by admitting his inadvertent culpability in her sister's death (Owen's former CI) and urges her to break the cycle of violence by helping them arrest Dominic. Per Arroyo's advice, Clark shows April Calvin's necklace and tells her he found it in Dominic's hotel room even though it was actually found on Calvin's body. April agrees to help them by setting up Dominic to meet her at a diner, but she diverts from the plan and pulls a gun on Dominic instead. Owen convinces her to put the gun down and Arroyo takes Dominic down. They make the arrest after getting Dominic to confess to killing Calvin. After wrestling with whether or not to trust his mother Nora's intentions, Clark finally decides to let her back into his and Agnes' lives. Arroyo sleeps in the file room after being rejected by McKenzie.






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