Episode 6.22 : The Hole in the Heart

  • Bones
    • Episode Premiere : May 12, 2011
    • Distributor : Fox TV
    • Genre : Drama, Crime
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2005 - 2017
    • Production Company: Far Field, Josephson Ent., 20th Century Fox TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Alex Chapple
  • Screenwriter Carla Kettner, Karyn Usher
  • Main Cast
    • Emily Deschanel as Paint Throwing Fur-Activist,
    • David Boreanaz as Extra,
    • Michaela Conlin,
    • T.J. Thyne,
    • Tamara Taylor,
    • John Francis Daley,
    • John Boyd

  • Additional Cast
    • Arnold Vosloo

The Story


Sniper Jacob Broadsky shoots at a grapefruit with colleague Matt Leishenger. Leishenger says the FBI called him and warned him about Broadsky. Yet, Leishenger doesn't believe Broadsky is doing what they say. He believes Broadsky is working for the CIA and the FBI doesn't approve. Broadsky wants to borrow Leishenger's rifle. Leishenger says he will think about it.

At the Diner, Booth tells Brennan and Sweets that he is focusing all his efforts on catching Broadsky. Vincent rushes in with "massive" news: the skeletal replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex has arrived. Brennan is delighted. She and Vincent are delivering a paper at an upcoming conference entitled "The Comparative Forelimb Osteology and Biomechanics of Therapod Versus Homo Sapien." Brennan and Vincent laugh while Booth and Sweets are puzzled. What does that mean? Booth gets a message: Broadsky was spotted placing flowers on Paula Ashwaldt's grave. He rushes out.

Special Agent Genny Shaw is at the cemetery. She shows Booth photos of Broadsky laying flowers on the grave. He saw and fled. Booth approaches the grave and the bouquet of flowers begins to ring. He finds a phone inside and gives the number to Shaw. They need to trace it. Booth answers. Broadsky is unhappy that they are watching Paula's grave. He still believes he is doing good work. He leaves Booth with some parting words: "You never see the bullet that takes you down."


Sweets believes Broadsky left the phone for Booth to keep the lines of communication open. Booth asks Sweets to make his best guess: what is Broadsky's next move? Someone who doesn't know that Broadsky is evil may be helping him.

At the Lab, Vincent wears an articulated T-rex upper body skeleton. Hodgins doesn't understand why Vincent is going to the conference dressed like this. Vincent shows him the abstract and it all becomes clear. They are presenting a paper about an arm wrestling competition between a T-rex and a human! Hodgins has a way to spice this up.Booth meets with Angela in her office. She explains that Broadsky's call was too short to trace. They were only able to register his unique Mobile Equipment Identifier. Your cell phone transmits it every time you use it. Angela sends Booth an app, which can help him pinpoint Broadsky's location.

Booth rides with Agent Shaw. She went through the financials of Broadsky's known associates. Matt Leishenger made a big withdrawal 48 hours ago: a couple grand in cash. It's the largest withdrawal he's made in two years.

Sweets, Booth and Shaw approach Leishenger's Cabin. They see crows and find a corpse covered in maggots. It must be Matt Leishenger. They notice an empty rifle case. Booth thinks Broadsky may still be around. They all get low to the ground. Shaw notices a camera in a tree. Broadsky is watching them. Booth shoots the camera as Shaw calls for backup.


At the Lab, Cam estimates time of death at five days. It looks like Broadsky stabbed Leishenger under the chin. It's clear that he went through the victim's wallet but no cash was missing. What was he looking for? Hodgins rushes up to borrow Vincent. He whispers something and they both run off the Forensic Platform.

In the Ookey Room, Vincent wears the articulated T-rex skeleton, which is now motorized. He is as strong as a T-rex! Hodgins and Vincent prepare to arm wrestle. Cam enters to witness the "confrontation." It looks like the T-rex is winning but the arm can't move past 40 degrees...the T-rex humerus pops out of the scapula. Humanity wins! Cam hands Leishenger's wallet to Hodgins and gives him strict instructions: find out what is missing and where Broadsky is.

At the FBI, Sweets believes that Broadsky killed Leishenger because Leishenger defied him. Perhaps he refused to lend him his rifle. Booth should've shot Broadsky when he had to chance.

Vincent and Brennan work at the Lab. Vincent is excited about the conference but Brennan wants to focus on catching Broadsky. Leishenger has a cracked rib, a crushed foot, a neck fracture and faint bruising on the mastoid process. Broadsky is an expert in close quarter combat. Booth arrives. Their findings are all well and good but they don't lead to Broadsky. He is out there right now with Leishenger's rifle.

Broadsky readies for his next kill in a tower crane high above D.C. Who will be his next target? He makes a call. The phone that Broadsky gave Booth begins to ring. Booth hands it to Vincent so he can activate Angela's app. Vincent answers on the fifth ring. Broadsky fires right into the Lab! Booth pushes Vincent down and everyone seems unharmed...but Brennan notices that Vincent is bleeding profusely. Booth and Brennan apply pressure to the wound and try to keep Vincent conscious. Vincent doesn't want to leave. He wants to stay. But it's no use. Vincent dies.


The team mourns in the FBI Conference Room. They'll never see Vincent again. Hodgins will miss his facts. Cam will miss his confessions. Booth enters. Broadsky got away. He saw into the Lab with thermal imaging. He aimed for the person who answered the phone. Broadsky meant to kill Booth. Booth suggests they take the night off. Tomorrow they will work to catch Broadsky. As everyone leaves, Booth tells Brennan that she has to stay with him that night.

At Booth's Apartment, Booth shuts the blinds and instructs Brennan to stay away from the windows. Brennan prepares to sleep on the couch. They say goodnight.

Hodgins works at the Lab while Angela sleeps nearby. He discovers that the only thing missing from the wallet was a card that left behind traces of gold.

Brennan lets herself into Booth's room at 4:47AM. Booth reaches for his gun before he realizes it's Brennan. She is upset. Vincent thought Brennan was going to make him leave. Why would he think that? What kind of person is she? Booth consoles her. Vincent was asking the universe for more time. He wasn't ready to die. She crumples into bed with Booth and cries.


At the Lab, Cam tells Angela that she called Vincent's mother and informed her of his death. Cam promised they would send his body back to England so he can be buried there. Cam can't help but cry. Hodgins arrives. He put the wallet under a black light and discovered an impression. It seems that Broadsky stole an access card from Leishenger. It must've had a gold contact plate. Broadsky wanted his rifle and the access card.

At the FBI, Booth speaks to Skip MacDonald, Leishenger's boss from Hylton Trucking. He says they don't use access cards. Leishenger worked in the security department, running checks on drivers and such. He explains that Leishenger needed an access card for the Port in Wilmington. It is international.

Brennan works at the Lab, staring at Leishenger's skull. Angela enters to try and console her friend. Why would Broadsky have struck the mastoid process? Brennan confesses that she climbed into bed with Booth. Angela's mouth hangs open. What happened? Hodgins arrives and Angela throws him out of the room.

Agitated, Hodgins finds Cam in the Autopsy Room. He has the results on the bullet that killed Vincent. It was made near the ocean, someplace where they decontaminate produce. Cam wants Hodgins to call Booth right away.

Meanwhile, Booth questions the Security Guard at Port Wilmington. He reveals that Broadsky arrived an hour ago. Booth wants the place sealed, while he searches for Broadsky. Booth gets his sniper rifle and heads into the Port.


Booth searches for Broadsky amongst the shipping containers. Broadsky sees Booth and realizes he could be caught. He grabs his rifle. Brennan calls Booth. He can hear her but he can't answer. Brennan tells him that the bruising on the mastoid process is from Broadsky's knuckles. He broke his hand when he attacked Leishenger. This information could just have saved Booth's life.

Broadsky waits on top of a shipping container for Booth. He fires but misses. Booth calls to him. "You want to give up?" Broadsky moves up higher. Booth sees him from the ground and aims his weapon. He has Broadsky cornered. Booth knows that his hand is broken. Broadsky won't surrender so Booth shoots him in the leg. He falls hard onto the ground. Booth got his man.

At the Lab, the Squints wait by the phone. When the call comes that Booth got Broadsky, they all celebrate.

The Squints and Booth wait by the Jeffersonian Loading Dock for Brennan to arrive. They are ready to give Vincent a proper send-off. Lab Techs wheel his coffin out of the Lab. Brennan arrives with flowers. They all recite their favorite facts from Vincent. Brennan recalls that Vincent's favorite song was "Da Lime in Da Coconut." They all sing it as they load his body into a waiting hearse. Brennan takes Booth arm as they watch the hearse pull away.

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