Body of Proof

Episode 3.07 : Skin and Bones

  • Body of Proof
    • Episode Premiere : April 02, 2013
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Tommy lets Megan know that her father's suicide note may have been written under duress. Then he asks her to a Flyers game. It's a date. Well, it would've been if Megan had accepted. She says the two of them together is not a good idea. Elsewhere in Philly, A young woman sees a strange figure in the hallway of her poorly lit apartment building. She flees into her place, but her violently trashing pursuer catches up with her. Moments later, the woman is dead.

Tommy and a pair of uniformed cops investigate the basement of the apartment building. The killer is hiding in the shadows. He springs out ravenous intensity as he bites Tommy on the hand. BANG! Tommy is able to shoot the attacker dead. Naturally, Ethan assumes the killer is a zombie. Megan does confirm that the dead guy had rabies. Tommy is going to need some shots, one in the arm and one in the derriere. Megan takes great joy in administering the later.

Megan gets help on this case from Dr. Charlie Stafford (guest star Luke Perry). Tommy takes an instant dislike to the former CDC man probably because he and Megan flirt shamelessly right in front of him. When a second rabies victim is brought in after attacking another innocent victim, the team confirms that both attackers had the same deadly infection that caused them to go mad. There's no connection between the two dead men other than the fact that they both received something from an organ donor. They each received something harvested from a cadaver. That means there could hundreds of donor recipients who will soon go mad, too.

With Megan busy with Charlie, Kate joins Tommy to check out a lead. She can see that he's jealous of Pennsylvania's new health commissioner, Dr. Stafford. Tommy and Kate track down Cadaver Zero's blood sample and tissue, but there's no record detailing the person's name. They do have the name of the person who harvested the items. It's Ken Dobannis. Megan realizes that particular name is an anagram for “skin and bone.” As for Cadaver Zero, he turns out to be a missing college student. His roommate, Mason Geary, says his pal was abducted by someone in a black car. The kid may have been murdered for parts.

Five male college students have been abducted in the Philadelphia area recently. One named Michael Finley disappeared about a week ago. The abductor is working out of a closed funeral home. They find Michael Finley dead in the place. He fits the look of all the other missing college students. In the back of the funeral home there are multiple graves containing the bodies of all the other victims. The killer manually strangled the victims after torturing them. He made this personal. A lead Ethan follows allows Tommy to piece together the identity of the killer harvester. It's the roommate he interview earlier, Mason Geary.

Mason abducts another college student named Sean Asher. One of the cops who was with Tommy when he was attacked, Officer Riley Dunn, says Mason was a foster kid who was abused by college kid who used to beat and strangle him repeatedly. The race is on to find Sean Asher before torture turns to murder. Tommy tracks down Mason at a campus storage facility. The killer holds a gun to Sean's throat, but Tommy takes aim. BANG! He shoots Mason dead. Sean is released from his bindings as Megan leads the traumatized kid out of the torture chamber where he was held.

Charlie lets Kate know that he talked to the mayor about how impressed he was with her team. Then he's off in a hurry once Tommy lets him know that his car is being towed. Megan offers to give him a lift. They'll also be sharing a dinner together later. This isn't something Tommy was expecting. He was hoping Megan would reconsider his offer to attend the Flyers game. On the bright side, the pretty Officer Riley Dunn is a big fan of hockey. She says she's loved to hit the game with Tommy.

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