The Biggest Loser

Episode 9.06 : The Biggest Loser 906

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : February 09, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 9
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

  • Additional Cast
    • J.R. Celski,
    • Jeret "Speedy" Peterson,
    • Julia Mancuso,
    • Rockne Brubaker,
    • Allison Jones

The Story

After the emotional goodbye to John, Ali delivers the players some good news. She tells them pack their bags because they are heading to the United Stated Olympic Training Center in Colorado to train with the best of the best.

The players and trainers arrive at the training center, where Ali drops a bombshell on them. She tells the players that they are no longer competing as teams, but as individuals. The Red Team grows a little nervous because they have committed to help each other no matter what. Ali also tells the teams two players will be eliminated this week.

Ali brings out Olympic gold and silver medal winner for skiing and cycling, Allison Jones. Allison shares her story of having being born without a leg and still having the determination to compete in skiing and cycling. The players follow Allison as she starts her journey to carry the Olympic torch and she shares the honor with the players.

Sam and Koli cannot get John's elimination off their mind. Koli points out that John has so much more to go home to, including the support of his wife and kids. Sam reminds Koli that he needs to start valuing himself and that means not saying John deserved to be on the ranch more.

The next day, the players meet Olympic freestyle skier Speedy Peterson and skiing gold-medalist Julia Mancuso. The players are shocked to hear they will be training with these Olympic athletes. Speedy and Julia set up various circuit training for the players, while Bob and Jillian cheer them on.

Ali introduces the players to short-track speed skating Olympic hopeful J.R. Celski. J.R. tells the players about a short time ago, when he was in a hospital bed and not able to move due to a skating injury. J.R. tells the players that with determination and a refusal to give up, he's now ready to compete in Vancouver.

J.R. shows the players a slide board and tells them all they have to do is slide from side to side and get a point every time they do. The first player with 500 points wins, but there are three winners in the pop challenge. Ali won't divulge the prizes until the challenge is over with.

Melissa takes a running start and is the first to earn 100 points, only 400 more to go. As she approaches 500 points, Sam is right behind her in score. Melissa trips and falls and Sam wins the gold; Melissa gets right back up and gets to 500 and earns the silver, and Sunshine takes the bronze.

The players meet Ali at the Garden of the Gods to hear about their next challenge. Ali introduces them to Olympian biathlon cross country skier, Kelly Underkofler. Kelly was born missing an arm and talks about how she saw her handicap as a challenge she could overcome. The players will be participating in their own biathlon challenge.

The players will be running after BB guns, when they get ahold of them, they will be shooting marked targets with other players' names on them. When a player's target is hit five times, they are eliminated. Before the game can get started, Ali tells the winners from the pop challenge about their advantage. Sunshine gets to choose one target to automatically hit, Melissa gets to choose two targets, and Sam gets to choose three.

Sunshine and Melissa each use their free target shooting on Sam and he uses one target shot on Sunshine and two on Melissa. After that, Ali tells the players they are playing for immunity and they're off. One by one, players are getting picked off by fellow teammates. The challenge comes down to O'Neal and Darrell and it's O'Neal who wins immunity.

Once the players all return to Los Angeles, Bob and Jillian take them to 24-Hour Fitness where they meet U.S. Pairs Skating Champion, Rockne Brubaker. Rockne is going to train the players in a fitness boot camp class. Bob and Jillian help out, as well. Jillian wants to remind the players they are no longer on their Colorado vacation.

During the last-chance workout, Bob targets O'Neal and challenges him by having him stand on a balancing ball, while doing squats. Sunshine watches with pride at how much progress her father is making. All the players stop what they are doing to watch O'Neal's big accomplishment.

It's time for the weigh-in. Everybody is shocked when the scale says Melissa has gained a pound. Lance begins to tear up because the news means Melissa automatically is going home. She totally understands why she has to leave the ranch, but vows she'll be at her goal weight at the finale. She pleads with the other players to keep Lance on the ranch.

Instead of the weekly elimination, the two players that fell below the yellow line have to participate in a challenge. Darrell and Cheryl have to balance a lit torch stem on their head. The player who balances the torch the longest stays on the ranch. But, you'll have to tune in for the next episode to see who wins.






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