The Biggest Loser Episode 7.01 The Biggest Loser 701
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The Biggest Loser Episode 7.01 The Biggest Loser 701

Episode Premiere
Jan 6, 2009
Production Company
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Episode Premiere
Jan 6, 2009
2004 - now
Production Co
25/7 Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Alison Sweeney as Herself - Host
  • Bob Harper
  • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Trainer
  • Dolvett Quince
  • Kelly Fields
  • Mark Kruger
  • Roger Shultz
  • Hollie Self
  • Jay Kruger
  • J.D. Roth

22 wannabe contestants were waiting in a hotel room to hear if they were going to be on "The Biggest Loser" or not. Ali walked in and gave them the great news that they were all chosen to be on Season 7.

The teams got on the bus and headed to the place they would call home: "The Biggest Loser" ranch. Tears filled some of their eyes as they saw the gym. This was the chance to make their dream a reality.

Once the teams arrived at the gym, Ali told them they were going to do their first workout without the trainers. A lot of the players had never seen this kind of gym equipment before and had to get used to everything.

What the teams didn't know is that Bob and Jillian were watching them work out and couldn't believe what they were seeing. Jillian described the scene as chaos and Bob was left speechless. Bob commented that both he and Jillian had their work cut out for them.

Bob and Jillian surprised the contestants and entered the gym. Everybody stopped what they were doing and ran up to give their future trainers big hugs. But, things didn't stay so cheery for long.

Jerry was beginning to feel dizzy and his wife, Estella, rushed to his side. The producers were trying to get Jerry to stay responsive. Everybody became worried as Jerry's words were slurring and his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. Jerry regained consciousness, but an ambulance was called to take him to the hospital for observation.

It was time for the teams to be formed. Jillian and Bob picked their first teams and then after that, their chosen contestants picked two more players and so on until all the teams were formed. Kathy and Kristin of the Pink team were the last so they got to choose who they wanted -- and they chose to be on Bob's Blue team.

It was time for Bob and Jillian to see what they were working with, so the contestants all had to get weighed in. Estella was the first to get on the scale. Ali pointed out that Jerry was still in the hospital, so Estella had to weigh in solo, which was very hard for her.

For all of the contestants, the weigh-in was a reality check. Almost all of them were pushed to tears when their final numbers were revealed on the scale.

Bob and Jillian were in shock as they looked at the numbers that were showing up on the scales. Both trainers realized they had their work cut out for them. Bob couldn't believe that the women were weighing the same as the men on the show. Especially when Carla from the Grey team weighed in at 379 pounds.

The Orange team was the last to weigh in. Bob and Jillian's jaws dropped when they saw that Daniel weighed 454 pounds and was officially the heaviest contestant in the history of the show.

After the weigh-in, the trainers met up with their teams in the gym. Bob worried that he wasn't going to get any sleep this season, while Jillian showed off a no-tolerance attitude. It was either her way or the door.

Later on in the evening, Jerry surprised his team in the kitchen. He was ready to turn his life around and knew he needed Jillian's help to do so. Jillian assured Jerry that she was going to be tough, but was happy to have him on her team.

Ali met up with the teams to introduce them to their first challenge on top of a long bridge. The goal was to get from one end of the bridge to the other. But, the teams had to climb over a giant pile of dirt to blocking the way. Both players had to make it to the finish line, grab a flag and run back. The first five teams to come in would race again. After that, the top two would race and a winner would be determined.

The teams took the challenge very seriously, because the winning duo would get immunity at the weigh-in. The teams had a hard time climbing the dirt hill and on top of that, they had to wait for their partners before heading back to the starting line. The final race had the Black team beating the Yellow team by just a foot.

During the last-chance workout, some of the players were reaching their breaking point. Both Bob and Jillian wanted the teams to fight through their anger and their emotions. They wanted their teams to figure out the real reasons why they are overweight.

Before the teams could participate in their first weigh-in, Ali delivered the news that nobody was going to be eliminated, but nine players were going to be participating in the show from home. The couple who won the weigh-in would be safe. Blaine and Dane had immunity because they'd won the challenge earlier.

The weigh-in results were bringing smiles to the teams faces. But, it was bittersweet. Only the team with the highest percentage of weight loss would be immune to having to go home. The other teams would be forced to choose one or the other to play the game from home.

Father-and-son team Ron and Mike were the last to weigh in. They were shocked to see that they'd lost a combined total of 54 pounds, making them the winners at the weigh-in and best of all, meaning that both of them got to stay on the ranch.

After the weigh-in, Ali told the teams that it was time to choose one player who would be going home. The catch was that after 30 days, whoever was still in the game would be allowed to bring their partner back to the ranch. This added a whole new pressure to the person who decided to stay.

The teams each had to reveal who would be going home. And each team vowed that their partner would be coming back to the ranch in 30 days.