The Biggest Loser

Episode 13.10 : Episode 10

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : March 06, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 13
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

After Chism's elimination, the Red Team returns to the house with Dolvett. With everyone feeling terrible, Dolvett asks Mark to talk about his feelings. Buddy reminds him that Chism can still receive all the blessings from the ranch through his father. Afterwards, Mark resolves to finish his journey and make his family proud. The next morning, Alison surprises the contestants in the kitchen. The game is now dead even, since both teams have won five weigh-ins. The excuse of the week is all about getting stuck in your comfort zone - so they're going to switch trainers! What's more, the team that wins the weigh-in is the only team that will vote for this week's elimination. The only way to be safe on the losing team is to lose the most weight and gain immunity. To top it all off, Alison leaves them with the uncomfortable responsibility of explaining this to their trainers.

Bob explains that this kind of team switch-up has never happened before on The Biggest Loser. Nevertheless, he's elated to help the Red Team get out of their comfort zone. When the Black Team stops by the outside box gym to say hello, Emily cries, and Jeremy can't understand why. Of course, he's back where he started, working out with Bob. The Black Team proceeds to the gym, where a happy Conda explains the team switch-up to Dolvett. She's the only one on her team who's excited to train with Dolvett. The rest of them are scared, as well they should be, as an excited Dolvett starts screaming. He knows he's at a big disadvantage with an all-woman team. They're going to have work twice as hard, and they have to establish trust. Chris doesn't like being yelled at because it brings on anxiety. Back outside, Bob is roaring like an animal and laughing his evil laugh. Buddy realizes that Bob kind of enjoys the pain he inflicts on the people he's trying to help.

In a particularly hard run on the treadmill, Emily breaks into tears. To her, it's like Week 1 all over again. She feels weak, and she's scared of getting hurt. Dolvett assures her he won't let this happen. But since she's scared to run, he's going to make her run. Telling everyone else to rest, he has Emily turn her treadmill up to 10, then makes her say, "I'm not afraid," until she believes it. Only then will he let her start running. Afterwards, Dolvett explains that this is the way to conquer fear. Later, Bob sits down with Buddy to talk about the loss of his daughter six years ago. After a typical 20-week ultrasound, Buddy and his wife discovered that their daughter had so many serious physical issues that even her birth was a miracle. While working full-time and going to school, Buddy would drive to Detroit every night to visit his daughter in the hospital. One night, when he walked into the hospital, he knew the end was near. With no money, a devastated Buddy had to plan a funeral, and he felt like a total failure. With month after month of stress and heartache, Buddy came to rely on food, fast food in particular.

The women of the Black Team are thrilled when Dolvett takes them to Hollywood to step out of their collective comfort zones - way out - in an attempt to win them over. It's time for a ballet workout! Dolvett introduces dancer Andie Hecker, who does ballet-style training in her studio. Even though none of the Black Team women have danced ballet before, Andie has picked out some ballet outfits for them - and Dolvett! Everyone's surprised to learn that ballet is no joke - it's one hard workout. Oddly enough, the ladies of the Black Team are having a great time out of their comfort zones. Afterwards, Cassandra and Emily reluctantly talk strategy, despite the fact that they don't want to. This week, nobody's in control.

The next day, the contestants meet Alison in a field at the top of a hill next to a giant mud pit. Megan is psyched, because she loves mud - it's good for the skin - but Emily can't stand it. Here's how this challenge will work: inside the mud pit are weights of different sizes. The first team that retrieves 40 weights wins. To make things a little more appetizing, Alison offers the carrot of a two-pound advantage for the winners. Team members enter the pit one at a time, taking turns. Although the Black Team starts off strong, Emily's slow progress has an impact, and pretty soon the Reds are surging ahead. At the end, when weights are hard to find, the teams are neck-and-neck. Ultimately, Mark finds the last weight, bringing the Red Team to victory. Within seconds, everyone's throwing mud, and Kimmy gives Alison a big muddy hug so she can join in the fun, too.

Back on the ranch, there's a lot of talk about who's going home this week; Kim, Cassandra and Emily approach Conda, in hopes of making a four-woman alliance. Claiming she has more with the house's men than just friendships, Conda outs their plan to Buddy. How can the three women expect her to vote her brother off? Understanding that he's a threat, Buddy claims he's okay with it - but it's time to play the game. He'll talk it over with Mark and Jeremy, but for the time being, neither Cassandra nor Emily are immune. They'll have to choose one of them to vote off. While he admires what they've done, he thinks it's silly that the women approached Conda. The next morning, Buddy visits with Mark and Jeremy to give them Conda's news. Mark laughs to think the ladies approached Conda, and the three men agree; they're going to play the game.

Dolvett meets the Black Team at the house to kick off their Last-Chance Workout, which he promises will be a really, really good one. It's time for them to put on their happy faces and warm up with a hike. Dolvett pulls some Larabars out of his backpack to give his team the energy they'll need to keep going. Meanwhile, Bob's got the Red Team in the gym. Both trainers keep reminding their teams that they can't afford to lose this week. By this time, Cassandra and Emily have heard the Red Team has their necks on the block, so they're going to kick it up a notch. The guys on the Red Team are also giving Kim a hard time as Bob pits her and Mark head-to-head for a circuit race. Super-competitive Kim wins. Bob remarks that it's weird to have both teams in the gym. He finds himself looking over at his Black Team, wondering if they're working out hard enough. Cassandra starts getting pissed off that Chris isn't really with the program. Is she throwing in the towel because she thinks she's safe?

Alison welcomes the teams to the weigh-in. Interestingly enough, things at the weigh-in have been changed up too. Alison's wearing pearls, and the trainers are wearing ties. Bob's even sporting a new pair of glasses! Mark is first on the scale. Everyone's stunned that he's lost two pounds, and then Buddy loses five. Kimmy loses two; Jeremy loses seven, and Kim loses four. The Red Team's total loss is 22 at and Jeremy is his team's Biggest Loser. Even with their two-pound advantage, it's clear the Black Team could very well lose the 19 pounds needed to win. Emily immediately says she doesn't think the Black Team can make this goal, drawing confuses looks from both teams. How could she say such a thing!?

Cassandra is the first Black Team member on the scale, and she knows she worked super hard this week. Nevertheless, she only loses three pounds. Emily knows this will put Cassandra in a vulnerable position. Dolvett recognizes all Cassandra's hard work and explains how much he loved training her. Up next, Chris loses only one pound, which she attributes to the change in trainers - the stress got to her. Cassandra thinks that by rights, if the Black Team loses the weigh-in, Chris should be the one to go home. Megan has only lost one pound as well. Emily loses four, which doesn't make her happy. Bob encourages her to look at things in perspective; four is an awesome number. Knowing how hard Cassandra worked this week, Emily feels a little weird to have lost more weight than she did. Conda's last to take the scale - she'll have to lose 11 pounds to bring the Black Team to a win. But she loses only three, making the Black Team's total 12 pounds at - a full 10 pounds less than the Reds, who win.

Knowing it's time for the Red Team to deliberate their fate, Cassandra and Emily both cry, even though Emily, as her team's Biggest Loser, has immunity. Both teams sit in the kitchen to hear the Black Team explain why they want to stay on the ranch. Cassandra cries some more, which also brings Chris to tears while asking for grace and more time. Megan claims she's doomed to fail if she goes home. Emily asks the Red Team to use not only logic, but also their hearts when making this decision, and she's fighting for Cassandra. Kim reminds the Black Team that this is a game, and she too asks her team not to vote Cassandra off. Wouldn't it be better to battle it out to the end with true competitors? Conda's not on board with any of this; she believes the three women still want to vote off Buddy and Jeremy.

An hour later, both teams gather in the elimination room. Mark votes first. Because of his relationship with Kimmy and Jeremy, he's not voting for either Megan or Conda, so he had to choose between Chris and Cassandra. He voted for Cassandra, thinking Chris needs to stay on the ranch more. True to her stated desire to keep true competitors in the game, Kim votes for Chris. Kimmy's reasoning is much the same as Mark's, so she too votes for Cassandra. Jeremy votes by the bonds of friendship made when he was on the Black Team, so he votes for Chris. Now it's a tie, and Buddy has the tie-breaking vote. Thinking to create the best odds for keeping himself on the ranch the longest, Buddy votes for Cassandra. There are tears all around as Cassandra explains she's scared; she doesn't think she's strong enough to do it on her own. Kim reminds her that the reason the Reds are voting her off is because she's a threat - she is strong enough to do it on her own, and she will!






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