The Biggest Loser

Episode 12.11 : Episode 11

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : November 29, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

It's the final week on campus, and the five remaining contestants hike up a hill to meet Alison, who's standing next to five mannequins saddled with weights. Antone guesses it must be the Put-the-Weight-Back-On Challenge. Alison reminds everyone how much weight they've lost thus far: John has lost 140; Antone, 116; Vinny, 102; Sunny, 75; and Becky has lost 61 pounds. Today they'll remind themselves why they're not going to put the weight back on - by putting it back on. The players will race up a mountain carrying all their lost weight, taking off a little bit at each of 10 checkpoints representing each week of the competition. The winner will receive a one-pound advantage at this week's weigh-in. Putting on his weight vest, John immediately feels anger; for her part, Sunny wants to win, if only so John doesn't win after what he did to her last week. Putting on her weights, Sunny cries, shocked at the reality of what she did to herself.

Antone takes an immediate lead, and his strategy is to stay there. John passes Sunny after the Week 3 checkpoint, and he's clearly scheming on how to pass Antone. Week 6 was epic for John, because that's when he made his mark on the ranch and beat Moses' record for 100 pounds lost in the shortest period of time. John sees his opportunity to pass Antone on a curve, and he takes it. Antone decides to stay right on John's heels, then sprint right at the end of the course. They're neck-and-neck all the way up to checkpoint 9. Now Antone's going to kick... but there's no kick, he's got no energy left. John's first to run across the finish line, knowing that this one-pound advantage may make all the difference. Still, Antone knows that he's no longer the guy he was in Week 1, always fearful of dying. Sunny's next across the finish line, followed by Becky, and finally Vinny.

When everyone's present, Alison announces that it's finally Makeover Week, sponsored by Progresso. They'll each receive a year's supply of soup and $5,000. This year's glamour squad includes fashion expert and stylist to the stars Jeannie Mai and hairstylist Ken Paves. The players will shop Rodeo Drive, enjoy spa treatments and walk the red carpet at the Kodak Theater. Limos are waiting for them now! First stop, Vodaspa for 24-karat gold masks, caviar scrubs and more. Jeannie Mai is thrilled to surprise the contestants at the spa. She knows fashion can be intimidating, but today is a whole new start. Now it's time for a shopping spree with no budget in Beverly Hills! Antone admits that he used to wear suits when he was in the NFL, but he hasn't done that in 15 years. Jeannie's dying to get Antone in a new suit.

Jeannie tells Vinny that she's over his overalls. It's time to burn them and give him a more polished look that stays true to his crazy side. Jeannie guesses John's closet is full of black and blue, which makes her yawn. It's time to change it up. Bonnie wants to impress her husband, so Jeannie puts her in something sexy and saucy, yet still age-appropriate. Becky may have started the show at a size 20, but now she's in a 10! Sunny admits she hates shopping. Jeannie puts Sunny in a pair of sexy heels, which shocks her system. Now she's ready to shop.

Next stop is Ken Paves' salon. Antone's hair is looking good already, but Ken's going to cut loose when it comes to Becky and Sunny. John admits he doesn't have a look, and he would like one; so Ken decides to get rid of his mullet. Vinny wants to come out looking like Bradley Cooper. The contestants climb back into the limo for a ride to Hollywood Boulevard, where they'll debut their new looks on the Kodak Theater's red carpet. John looks dapper in a grey pinstripe suit. Antone's next out of the limo, and he's all clean-shaven and suited. Sunny's hair has been lightened and curled, and she's wearing a sexy black cocktail dress. Vinny struts the carpet like a movie star, and Becky rocks a sassy new short hairdo and a leopard print dress. She remarks that the butterfly is out of the cocoon.

The red carpet continues inside the theater, where the contestants will take in Iris, the new offering from Cirque du Soleil. Each contestant walks into the empty theater alone for a special surprise. Becky can't believe it when her husband J.C. walks onto the stage with a bouquet of flowers. He's been dieting and exercising at home, and he's lost 50 pounds while she's been away. J.C. gets down on one knee and puts the wedding ring that wouldn't fit for so many years back on Becky's finger, committing to their new, healthier lifestyle. Vinny runs onto the stage upon seeing his fiancee Lori. There are tears all around, and Lori almost doesn't recognize her man. Vinny explains that he never cared about taking care of himself until he met Lori. Now he knows he's good enough and wants to have as much time on earth with Lori as he can have.

John sprints to the stage and slams into his wife Jill for a giant hug. He knows he couldn't have done it without her. She sacrificed so much, and he knows it's going to be his turn to give back to her soon. To see her husband so happy, Jill knows that her dream has come true, too. Sunny sobs on her husband Blake's shoulder. Blake knows Sunny's finally free of the burden of her weight, and he's very proud. Antone's shocked to see his wife. The look on her face has made everything worth it. Carrie can't believe how relieved Antone looks and he knows he's a different person. The contestants sit down with their partners to watch Iris. Sunny remarks that it's the best gift ever.

Back on the ranch, Bob is amazed to see his team after their makeover. Antone tells Bob they have a surprise, and Lori, J.C. and Carrie walk into the kitchen. Bob decides to spend some time talking to each of the couples, to make sure they're on board with the lifestyle changes that have to continue at home. Lori knows it's going to be tough for Vinnie, whom everyone has always seen as "Big Vinny." Bob tells her she's going to have to make him accountable from here on out. Sunny's husband Blake is thrilled to meet Anna for a talk about how things have to change when Sunny goes home. Sunny wants Blake to push her, and he's happy to know that will be okay. John introduces his wife Jill to Dolvett. Jill admits that she used to eat with John late at night. Also, John had closed himself off in the past. Now he's ready to change. Dolvett insists John stay open once he gets home and stay in touch with his emotions.

Finally it's time to get back in the gym. Bob's in one of his "I-love-my-job" moods, which he explains means his team better watch out. This Last-Chance Workout is critical because the Final Four will be determined this week. Dolvett knows he's worked out John less this week than any other, so his goal is to kick John's ass. John trusts Dolvett absolutely; he's still working on his trust in himself. For the first time, Sunny is experiencing a one-on-one workout with Anna. After going hard in the gym, Anna and Sunny finish up on the tennis court. Sunny hasn't been in the 100s since her son was born, and there's a chance that she can get there this week, so she's going to work extra hard.

The pressure is thick in the air as the players and their trainers assemble for the last weigh-in on the ranch before the finals. The most important thing is to stay above the yellow line. Bob knows that numbers during Makeover Week are traditionally low, so he's nervous too. Last week, Sunny weighed in at 202. She's hoping to make it below 200, but she's only lost one pound. Everyone thinks it's crazy. Sunny insists she's been working out all week, but Bob stays mad. He just doesn't get it. Antone stays on track with an eight-pound loss at John's up next, and he knows that after last week, it's over for him if he falls below the yellow line. He's at 305, and he desperately wants to get below 300 - and he does with a nine-pound loss. This puts him in the Final Four! He's lost 149 pounds to date, and his percentage is 3.28 with the help of his one-pound advantage.

Vinny started the competition at 426, last week he was 324, and this week he's lost 10 pounds at Bob explains that Vinny's woken up, and knows he's got to change forever. Vinny's guaranteed a spot in the Final Four, but Sunny has now fallen below the yellow line. Becky's last to weigh in. Either she or Antone will fall below the yellow line with Sunny. Becky needs to have lost more than four pounds... and she just makes it with a five-pound loss at Becky's in the Final Four! Now Antone's facing elimination along with Sunny. Everyone will leave the ranch tonight, so it's time to say goodbye to their trainers before heading back to the house to discuss the elimination. Alison informs that for the record, all three age groups will be represented in the Final Four.

Becky and Sunny sit on the couch back at the house, and Sunny starts off the elimination conversation. She cries, explaining how proud she is of everyone. She'd love to be part of the Final Four, and she doesn't want to stop competing. Of course, Antone wants to keep competing too. Although Antone's competition pushes him, John's wondering if he's willing to face Antone in the Final Four. In the Elimination Room, Becky admits she's at a loss. She thinks Sunny has a good chance to win the at-home prize, and as a fellow teacher, she wants her to have that chance. John thinks everyone at the table deserves to be in the Final Four, no doubt. He's voted for Sunny - maybe because he wants to compete with Antone in the finals. Sunny's sad, but she knows this time on the ranch is only the first step on the journey of the rest of her life. Despite the loss of Sunny, the Final Four are feeling victorious!






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