The Biggest Loser

Episode 12.09 : Episode 9

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : November 15, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

  • Additional Cast
    • Apolo Ohno

The Story

Alison waits for the contestants in the living room, standing next to what looks like a voting booth, to announce that the game is about to get much harder. This week, they'll be competing in a pentathlon - all week long. If that's not enough, they're going to singles, and for the first time this season, they'll have to contend with a yellow line. Five events will be spread out over the week, and at the end, the person with the most points wins immunity - and the person who comes in last will get a one-pound disadvantage on the scale.

The first event starts now, and it's a test of merit. Each player will rank the other players, and the player who comes in first will receive seven points; the next player will receive six points, and so on. They'll find out the results of the first event at the weigh-in. Vinny's up first, and he has one minute to make his decision. Every player has a different strategy, and the pentathlon is on like donkey kong.

The contestants file onto the tennis court, which is packed with a bunch of unusual equipment but no balls or rackets. Alison explains that event number two is about survival. Each player has three pegs. They have to run across the court, grab a baton with their name on it and place it over an opponent's peg. When a player's three pegs are covered, they're eliminated. Before the competition starts, Antone and Ramon are trying to talk each other down. Ramon's the first one out - Antone covers him twice, and Sunny seals his fate. Vinny takes out John, and Antone takes out Vinny. Becky takes Bonnie out, and Sunny finishes off Antone. Becky and Sunny are the last two on the court, which means it's all about speed, and Sunny's the fastest! Becky's perfectly happy to come in second, and Alison reveals the pentathlon leader board.

Bob is already laughing wickedly, promising nothing but fun as the players file into the gym. The trainers are still focusing on their teams, and they're relentless. Claiming he's out to build trust and self-belief, Dolvett repeatedly drops a basketball on John's stomach as he works out. John tells Dolvett to quit it, but he's not listening. Dolvett decides it's time to pull John aside to talk about trust - he's got to believe that Dolvett can take him to the promised land. By the end of his workout, John feels he's made a true breakthrough; he has let go and found out what his body's capable of. That night, the players assemble for the third event, which is a seven-question test of knowledge. Both Becky and Bonnie figure this is their time to shine. But Antone's the only person to answer the first question correctly, and he gets the second, and the third...

Becky, the math teacher, is the only person to get the fourth calorie-counting question wrong. Luckily, she gets the next calorie-counting question right. Antone is the only player to answer all of the first six questions correctly, and he wants to sweep, but he flubs the final equation. After the points from the quiz are added to the leader board, Antone's in first place with 11 points; Becky has nine, and Sunny has eight. Ramon and John are tied for last place.

The next day, Dolvett visits with John, who's riding a stationary bike in his room. Dolvett wants to connect, so he's brought a folder from his childhood, which is all about the time when his family was split up and he went into foster care. Dolvett knows what it's like to feel pain, to have nothing, but he also knows what it's like to fight. John has to fight to believe in himself. The contestants proceed to the pool for the fourth event, a test of strength and balance. There are ropes strung over the pool, which the players will use to pull themselves on a floating device across the pool without falling in the water. The last person is up first, and Ramon finishes in 2:29. John finishes in 2:01 and takes the lead.

Up next, Vinny has a harder time keeping his balance, but after a momentary bobble, he finishes in 2:07 and takes second place. Bonnie's the first to fall into the pool, so she takes last place. Sunny is the first to finish in under two minutes at 1:24, so she moves into first place. Becky gets off to a slow start, but makes it in 2:10, putting her in fourth place. Antone also starts slow and finishes in 2:09. Now Antone and Sunny are tied for first place in the pentathlon with 15 points apiece, and Ramon is still in last place. But right now, it's time to go back to the gym for the Last-Chance Workout. Anna advises Ramon to use the leader board, now in the gym, as inspiration; he has to work extra hard. Bonnie's in second-to-last place, so Dolvett's going to push her harder than she's ever been pushed before.

Bob notices that Becky has gained new confidence, and her determination is greater than ever. Next, Bob turns his laser focus on Antone, leaving him crying on the floor by the end of the workout. Afterwards, John shows Dolvett a project that he started working on after their talk the other day. He's made a book of childhood photos of himself, just like Dolvett's file. John's father died of a sudden heart attack in 2009, and he misses him terribly. He wishes he and his dad had had better communication; and John resolves to speak from the heart more often with his sons, so they won't turn to food like he did.

Apolo Anton Ohno surprises the players in the kitchen with a tray of Subway sandwiches. He's come to inspire them and talk about The Biggest Loser journey. He reveals that his childhood nickname was "Chunkie," so he was lucky to find sports, which helped him change his life. Now he intends to lead them through their final event in the pentathlon. Apolo takes them to a part of the ranch the contestants have never seen before. The fifth even is about speed, a run for the ages. At the beginning of the show, the contestants struggled to run a mile. Today, they're going to run the mile again. The course is a half-mile, so they'll run it twice. The winner takes seven points, the second runner-up receives six, and so on. And Apolo is going to run the race with them.

Both John and Ramon are determined to win, and they quickly take the lead. Ramon soon pulls ahead; Bonnie walks, and before long, Sunny's walking too. Apolo catches up with Ramon, and they decide to crank it up and sprint to the finish line for first place at 09:10. Apolo circles back to run John over the finish line at 10:17. John's thrilled that he ran the mile without stopping. Sunny's not far behind at 11:10, while Becky and Antone duke it out for fourth. He sprints past her at the finish line for 11:42; Becky's just three seconds behind him. Apolo pushes Vinny to sprint to the finish, and his mile is five minutes faster than the mile he did in the desert. Everyone runs out to walk Bonnie across the finish line.

After the mile run, Bonnie is in last place, and Sunny's on top. Now it's time for the first weigh-in for singles. Bonnie's scared she's in line for the one-pound disadvantage. Alison reveals the results of the first event, the vote. Antone and Becky tie at seven points each. When these results are added to the overall, Antone is up top with 26 points and immunity, and Bonnie is at the bottom, which means she'll have the one-pound disadvantage. Sunny can't believe she voted for Antone - if she hadn't, they would have been tied! Since there's a yellow line for the first time tonight, the two people with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below it and thus be up for elimination.

Since Antone has immunity, he's first up on the scale, and he wants to crush the 100-pound mark. He's only one pound away from being the second person on campus to lose 100. This week, he's lost nine pounds, and the 100-pound loss feels fantastic! Becky's up next, and she's feeling pretty optimistic that her hard work paid off this week - and she's thrilled to lose five pounds at She's almost at 200! John's up next, and he's lost nine at Vinnie's hoping he hasn't stalled after two good weeks. Now he needs to lose more than nine pounds to stay above the yellow line. And he's lost 10 at putting him at the top of the leader board. Now Sunny will need to lose more than six to stay safe - and she loses nine! At she's at the top of the leader board.

Bonnie's next to weigh in, and she's happy with four pounds at but she acknowledges that it might not be the best for this particular situation. Ramon's last on the scale, and he knows it's either him or Becky who will fall below the yellow line. Ramon's totally stoked with his seven-pound loss at so he's safe, which puts Becky and Bonnie up for elimination - they're the only two from the older group left from day one. Becky thinks it's a no-win situation, and Bonnie feels the same way. When all the players get together to talk over the elimination, Bonnie's ready to fall on her sword. She knows she can continue her journey at home and asks the other players to keep Becky on the ranch. Everyone respects Bonnie's wishes and grants her the gift of going home.






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