The Biggest Loser

Episode 12.07 : Episode 7

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : November 01, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

In the Elimination Room, Alison recalls the first day of the show when everyone met in the desert; since then, the nine remaining contestants have lost a total of 904 pounds. Hopefully, there's one thing they didn't lose - their original grey, numbered shirts. Everyone goes back to the house to discuss the mystery shake-up. Even though they just lost Jennifer, the Black Team agrees that regardless of the color of their shirts, they're still a team. With his NFL experience, Antone is comfortable with a strong team ethic, but the concept of potentially losing their coach - Bob - scares him to death. One thing's for sure: everyone hopes they're not going back to the desert!

The next morning, the contestants don their grey shirts and meet Alison in a field marked with three flags, one blue, one black and one red, just like Week 1 when they were picking their trainers. Once again, Alison has them line up in order of their age, and split into groups of three. The Reds are psyched; apparently, they're still on the same team. But Joe's not happy because he's now grouped with the former Blue Team, Becky and Bonnie. Of course, Alison has a surprise - these groups are not the teams. Today, they'll pick their teams. Here's how it will work: each group will be given three of their favorite dishes. The person from each group who guesses the calories of all the dishes gets to choose his or her trainer, the second closest will choose from the remaining trainers and so on. When it's over, the new teams will be made up of one player from each group. The players' response? This sucks.

The youngest contestants go first. Jessica's favorite meal used to be chicken Caesar salad with extra dressing and lots of bread - which she used to think was a good choice. Ramon's favorite meal consisted of 12 tacos and two burritos. In fact, he used to have taco-eating contests with his dad. Vinny's favorite meal? A country breakfast including grandma's chocolate gravy and biscuits, eggs and bacon. Having never thought about calories, Ramon goofs a guess - a million? Vinny prays to his granny. Jessica guesses 6,200; Vinny guesses 9,000; and Ramon thinks the total is 2,750. Alison informs them that Jessica's salad totals 2,249 calories; Ramon's taco plate is 3,100; and Vinny's country-fried breakfast is 1,747. Jessica's guess is closest, so she gets to pick first. Jessica immediately takes back her red shirt.

Vinny chooses next, and Ramon's praying he'll pick Anna. She was critical of Ramon's relationship with Jessica last week, and Ramon really doesn't want to train with her. Vinny chooses Bob, which makes Ramon feel sick to his stomach; he doesn't even want to talk to Anna, and now he has to. Next up are the three members of the former Black Team. Antone's favorite meal was a burger and fries. John's was three double-patty cheeseburgers. Sunny cringes when she sees her enormous Mexican feast, including a giant bowl of tortilla chips. Antone guesses 7,000; Sunny guesses 6,500, and John goes for 5,720. Antone's meal is 2,165; John's is 2,512, and Sunny's is 4,162. Jaws drop - Antone remarks they're a bunch of clowns next to Sunny... Sunny's just embarrassed.

The grand total is 8,839 calories, which means Antone is closest, followed by Sunny, then John. Without hesitation, Antone picks Bob. Sunny's sick at the thought of picking between Dolvett and Anna, but she ultimately chooses Anna, leaving John to Dolvett. John's upset. He doesn't like change and feels like he's starting over. Next up are Becky, Bonnie and Joe. Bonnie's fave was an entire pepperoni pizza; Becky's favorite meal consisted of breaded veal cutlets with baked macaroni and cheese; and Joe loved an Italian feast, with meatballs, garlic bread, spaghetti and meatballs, etc. Joe guesses 8,580; Becky guesses 6,850; and Bonnie thinks it's 9114 - which includes her anniversary date. Bonnie's pizza is 2,740 calories; Becky's plate is 1,793; and Joe's feast is 2,975. The total is 7,408, and Becky is the winner.

After six weeks of training with Anna, Becky makes a switch and goes with Bob, devastating Joe. He's not sure he's going to be able to keep going, and now he has to choose between Anna and Dolvett. Instead, he decides to look at the teams, and decides to go with a blue shirt. Bonnie blows him a kiss in gratitude, thrilled to join the Red Team. Today feels like the first day of the rest of her life on the ranch. Now she's going to make it through to the end. Alison reminds the players that these teams will stay with their trainers until the end of their time on campus.

Later, Anna stops by to visit her new Blue Team, and Ramon is already sullen. He immediately calls Anna out - if she was concerned about his relationship with Jessica, why didn't she talk to him personally instead of at the weigh-in? Joe registers his concern over switching trainers. Anna just doesn't get it - she doesn't think it's a big deal... and the contestants shouldn't be so dependant on their trainers. What - they were addicted to food, and now they're addicted to their trainers? They have to get tough and learn to do this on their own. Joe is immediately offended - is Anna questioning his manhood? Trying to keep peace, Sunny says she's ready to get to the gym. Bob and his team are already there, working hard.

Feeling insecure, John cries and hugs Bob on the way to his first workout with Dolvett. Both John and Dolvett know they're going to have to establish trust. Dolvett's excited by his new team, happy to have one person from every age group. Jessica's missing her boys, but she does her best. On the way to the gym, both Joe and Ramon remark on how much they hate tennis. Nevertheless, the Blue Team is determined to work together, and Joe concedes they have to give Anna a chance. Anna's goal is to gain their trust. Antone's feeling distracted during his workout, missing his team, and it's not long before Bob understands. Bob insists Antone get dialed in. Meanwhile, Dolvett's determined to do whatever it takes to gain John's trust, knowing that with hard work, John's emotions will surface. Not only that, he's going to make Bonnie work out like she's 23, not 63.

During her workout on the treadmill, Bonnie starts sobbing. She's missing the only man she ever loved, her husband Daryl. And she knows she wants to get healthy and live. When Dolvett asks whether Bonnie could ever find love again, she admits that it's been four years since Daryl died, and maybe she can. Dolvett asks her to write Daryl a letter, to prepare for opening a new chapter in her book. Now Bonnie has no doubt that Dolvett has changed the course of her journey - and indeed, he makes her get back on the treadmill and get back to work.

Meanwhile, Anna begins earning Ramon's trust by kicking his butt. She thinks Sunny, Ramon and Joe are the strongest group on the ranch. Afterwards, Dolvett meets with the Red Team to teach them about making better food choices, by making alternatives to their favorite high-calories meals. A Taste of the Islands salad is only 230 calories per serving; a turkey burger is 375, and turkey piccata is 390. All this gives John hope that he can continue to eat healthy at home. Later that night, Anna meets with her team. They're all feeling much better after their workout. Anna points out that some of the best relationships have a rough start and opens up about her past, growing up in the Soviet Union, where just surviving was a fight. It's all about the way you work with what you have to turn your situation around. Joe tells Anna that now they're all excited to be on her team.

The contestants return to a field covered by three water slides for this week's challenge. Vinny's excited, because he slides really well - he's a water slide guru. Alison explains the challenge: each team has a slide, with 12 blocks at the end. They have to slide down, grab a block, race back up the hill and unscramble the blocks to spell out three prizes: $6,000, a three-pound advantage or immunity for one player (of course the players don't know what the prizes are). Once they pick the prize they want, they'll raise the blocks up in the air. Alison turns on the water and the challenge begins. Knowing it's going to take Bonnie a while, the Red Team gathers several blocks, so they can spend some time unscrambling. At the end of her slide Bonnie breaks into tears... of gratitude.

Taking an early lead, the Blue Team figures that one of the prizes is immunity for one - and they win it! Sunny proclaims that Blue is the new Black. But Alison tells them they must choose who's going to be immune right now, making them feel like they won, but also sort of lost. Sunny makes no bones, asking if she can have immunity. They decide to play rock, paper, scissors - Joe's idea, and Joe wins. Later, Anna meets her team in Baldwin Hills to get out of the gym for their Last-Chance Workout. Dolvett brings the Red Team to Muscle Beach in Venice for their workout, and Bob takes the Blacks to Malibu for a hike, with plans to be the camp counselor from hell. He's determined his new Black Team is going to win the weigh-in. In truth, Bob's worried because anything can happen.

Everyone assembles in the gym for the weigh-in, with the Blue Team determined to win for Anna's sake, since they didn't give her a fair shake at the beginning. Bonnie's up first. She's feeling confident that she's going to lose a lot more than one pound - and she pulls a seven! It's been 25 years since she's been this size. Jessica's close to a milestone and she's almost there: she loses eight pounds and now weighs 201. John's so happy with his 15-pound loss that he has his own silent dance party on the scale. He skipped the 330s entirely! And yes, he and Dolvett have their trust. The Red Team loses a total of 30 pounds at Now the Black Team will have to lose 36 pounds - or 12 pounds apiece - to stay in the game. Feeling the pressure, Vinny climbs on the scale and has his best weight loss yet: 12 pounds. He's so happy that he has a private dance party, too.

Becky's up next, and she's fully aware that her biggest number was 10 pounds in Week 1. She was 203, and now she's dropped below 200 to 192 for an 11-pound loss! Antone's the last of his team to weigh in, and he needs to have lost more than 13 to keep his team safe. And he nails it with a 16! The Black Team has lost a total of 39 pounds at which means heavy pressure on the Blues, who have to lose more than 31 pounds, an average of more than 10 pounds each. After her five-pound gain last week, Sunny's jumping up and down with her nine-pound loss. Ramon was 302 pounds, and he breaks the 300-pound barrier with a giant 16-pound loss, his best so far. Guess who else is dancing on the scale? Now Joe will have to lose more than six pounds, and both he and the Red Team are nervous.

When Joe loses an astounding 15 pounds, his teammates run up to the scale to hug him. They can't believe they won both the challenge and the weigh-in - a first for the Blues! Now the Red Team is facing elimination, and Biggest Loser John's immune, so it's either Jessica or Bonnie. Ramon's worried. But in a switch up, the Blue and Black Teams will vote. Ramon's up first. Although he loves Bonnie, he can't vote against the woman he's going to spend the rest of his life with. Becky votes for Jessica, since Bonnie kept her on the ranch before. Vinny votes for Bonnie; Antone votes for Jessica. Sunny knows Jessica's going to win the marathon and isn't sure Bonnie could make it on her own, so she votes for Jessica. Ramon's devastated as both of his Blue Team members vote for Jessica, who kisses him before she heads for home.






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