The Biggest Loser

Episode 12.06 : Episode 6

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : October 25, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 12
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

The assembled teams are thrilled to find the kitchen decorated for Halloween and Alison in costume, as the bride of Frankenstein. She's got some scary Halloween facts: every year, the average American spends $44 on Halloween candy. Twenty million pounds of candy corn are sold every year. The average American eats 24 pounds of candy per year. So Halloween is all about candy... just like this week's temptation. A scale is hanging from the kitchen ceiling with a pot full of candy. For every pound of candy eaten, a pound will be taken away at the weigh-in. But it doesn't matter who eats the candy... because this week, everyone will weigh in together, all for one. All they have to do is lose a total of 100 pounds. Becky does some quick math: that averages out to 10 pounds per person - and she hasn't lost 10 pounds since Week 1! But if they hit the target, they're all safe. If not, someone will go home.

The trainers can train whomever they want this week, and the only person who'll be safe will be the week's Biggest Loser. If the contestants want to give themselves a head start, they can eat up to 10 pounds of candy... Later, Dolvett's saddened to learn that Courtney went home. But he's kind of delighted to learn that it's an all-for-one week - because now he'll have the opportunity to train everyone on the ranch! This is just the situation he's been waiting for... Meanwhile, Joe finds himself hugging the pot of candy in the kitchen. His relationship with candy goes way back, even if they did break up. Joe proposes that Sunny eat one pound of candy, and he'll take care of the remaining nine. Kidding around, Sunny puts a one-pound bag of candy in her pants, then sneaks out of the kitchen.

Dolvett can't wait to get all the contestants in the gym. Now he's going to focus on John, Antone and Joe. Antone remarks how different this style of training is - Dolvett is loud, militant and a yeller. Meanwhile, Bob turns his focus to Becky, Bonnie, Vinny and Ramon. Bob feels as if people have been coddling Bonnie; she's a survivor, so he's going to challenge her. Anna works with Jennifer and Jessica. She knows that Jennifer is really attached to Bob. And it's true; Jennifer tears up, talking about how she misses Bob. She hasn't worked out with him in over a week! Sunny notices Jennifer focusing on Bob, who's decided to make Vinny work harder. Now it's time for Vinny to get uncomfortable. Before long, the entire gym is watching Vinny run faster on the treadmill than he ever has before.

Later, Dolvett takes a walk with John, trying to learn why he's been so quiet. John met an amazing woman and married her when he was 22. They have a great life together with their two sons, whom they adopted from Europe. But there have been a few tragic events: they lost their house; in 2005, they had a failed adoption attempt, which drained their finances; and John's dad passed in March of 2009. Dolvett remarks that John seems very calm talking about these things. How does he deal? John admits he's turned to food in the past. He's a middle child and has always been something of a peacemaker; in fact, he may be afraid to express his anger. When John breaks down, Dolvett tells him they have a lot in common. He's a middle child, and he's adopted. Hearing John's story touches his heart. John's one step further in learning to deal with his emotions.

Vinny and Ramon goof around in the kitchen. Vinny points out that one pound of candy means a lot more than just a pound. Jennifer cooks up some turkey sausage, and Vinny eats it while doing sit-ups on the kitchen counter, thumbing his nose at the candy, yelling, "I ain't scared of you!" Later that night, Ramon and Jessica snuggle up on the couch, as he writes a letter to his mom... about their relationship, which has clearly taken a turn towards romance. Later that night, Alison meets the contestants in the middle of what looks like a cornfield. They're standing at the entrance of a maze that has hundreds of apples inside of it. In 10 minutes, they have to collect as many apples as they can and dump them into a barrel. If they can gather 150 pounds of apples, they'll win a five-pound advantage at the weigh-in, and 200 pounds will give them a 10-pound advantage. But there's a trick - if anyone's left in the maze at the end of 10 minutes, they'll lose any advantage and gain a five-pound disadvantage!

John announces the strategy going into the maze: divide and conquer. With two minutes remaining, the players have gathered 150 pounds of apples, making their five-pound advantage. Pretty soon, there are only 20 seconds and 12 pounds to go for the 10-pound advantage - and Joe, who knows full well he's not a maze guy, is still left inside. Luckily, everyone makes it out in time - and they're overjoyed to work together as one team - and win! Since they collected well over 200 pounds of apples, they've won their 10-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Now, they only have to lose a total of 90 pounds to keep everyone on the ranch.

The next day, Bonnie has a bright idea to play a trick on Bob. She wants to hide the candy, then tell Bob that they won a 10-pound advantage at the weigh-in - because they ate the candy! Joe knows this is going to end badly because Bob will take out the alleged candy-eating on them in the gym. Vinny decides he's going to blame Joe. When Bob enters the kitchen, he immediately asks Joe what's going on. Once he sees the empty pot of candy, Bob's own pot starts simmering. He's disgusted. Finally, Becky points to the box of candy in the cabinet. Still, Joe knows Bob's going to kill them anyway. And yes, Bob's plan is to go directly to the gym to work out his aggression. After the players work out with Bob, they're going to Anna at the tennis court, then to Dolvett at the... prison yard?

Bob puts the players through a killer circuit. The only word Sunny can think of to describe it is horrendous. Bonnie starts screaming and crying, and Bob just loves it. Nevertheless, Bonnie's pleased, and her smile is coming back. She'd do anything for Bob. Anna's already hitting tennis balls when the players arrive at the court. It's time for cardio-tennis, which means no stopping, even if they miss the ball. Next, the players move on to Dolvett's prison yard for a new and unusual circuit. Dolvett is literally salivating at the prospect of working out with everyone - and today, he has a whistle... Antone remarks that it's the toughest workout they've had thus far. Jennifer claims she's spent. Little does she know that her teammates are starting to think she only wants to work out with Bob, and she's not giving her all in workouts with Anna and Dolvett.

Afterwards, Dolvett has everyone sit down, bring their knees to their chests, hug themselves and close their eyes. It's time to reflect on who and what motivates them. This image will be their fuel and their drive. Afterwards, he has everyone yell the mantra, "Hard work, dedication" - everyone that is except Jennifer, who seems to remain silent. Again, people are remarking on her attitude. Later, Vinny and John take an ice bath, discussing this week's weigh-in and strategy. John's thinking he has to lose a lot of weight to stay safe, but Vinny thinks this strategy will eventually get him in the end. He advises John to let it flow. John has decided to let all his barriers down; he's going to let his emotions flow, and it's going to be okay. Now he knows his weight and his emotional flow are totally connected.

Still stung by the candy prank, Bob decides to take Vinny, Sunny and Joe out to the hills, so he can show them how funny candy can be. Bob tells Sunny to get in a wheelbarrow full of candy. She begs the guys not to let her fall (she does), and the wheelbarrow breaks. Luckily, there's another one on hand. Then Bob orders the guys to push the wheelbarrow up the hill. Afterwards, Bob pulls Vinny aside for a chat, since this is their first week working together. Bob doesn't know Vinny's story. He does know Vinny's always cracking jokes, so there's got to be more to him than that.

Vinny has six brothers and three sisters. His mom thought she married the man who could provide for her family, but he beat the boys. Vinny compensated with food, figuring the more he ate, the bigger he'd be, and no one could hurt him. Then he realized that he could protect himself by making people laugh. Bob recognizes that everything Vinny has done to this end has been a matter of survival. Regardless of Vinny's penchant for entertaining, Bob still sees someone that's not happy. Until Vinny acknowledges the hurt and abused nine-year-old boy inside of him, well, this is just a reality show. Vinny's safe on the ranch no matter what, and the people there love him unconditionally. Meanwhile, Ramon and Jessica treat themselves to a picnic - they're in love and beginning to feel the sort of happiness that they've been dreaming of for so long.

The players are gathered in the kitchen when they get a visit from the trainers - dressed as the three musketeers! Since it's all-for-one week, they decided this would be a great way to kick off their Last-Chance Workout. But first, Bob has a present for them: a wheelbarrow filled with candy - which will be part of their workout. Each player is to fill a bucket with 10 pounds of candy and meet the trainers at the gym. The trainers split the players into groups. Anna has Jennifer and Ramon use their buckets of candy as weight. Meanwhile, Dolvett concentrates on Vinny, Joe and Sunny on the treadmill, running them harder than ever. Bob works with Antone, Becky, John and Jessica, playing a strenuous version of London Bridge. Then Bob tells Antone to get on Jessica's back and John to get on Becky's back. The guys don't want to do it; but Bob starts jumping up and down. In the end, Jessica remarks that it was totally awesome - and totally crazy.

Afterwards, Anna pulls Jessica out of the gym to check in about her relationship with Ramon. Jessica explains that she lost herself in her last romantic relationship and gained a lot of weight. Somewhere in there, she lost her self-esteem. But now, she's finally starting to feel happy again. That's when Anna pops the question about the rumors she's been hearing. Jessica admits that she and Ramon are a couple now. Anna reminds her to keep her focus on herself and treasure herself first, so she can treasure someone else.

The players line up in the gym in front of Alison, and she reviews the rules of the tonight's weigh-in. Having lost 91 pounds, John is nine pounds away from tying the record for the fastest player to lose 100 pounds, currently held by Moses. And losing 10 pounds does it - he's lost 101! Still, John knows that changing his way of life, changing his perception is what it's all about. Up next, Antone's hoping to lose 12 to 14 pounds, since he had such a bad week last week. Losing eight, Antone feels like he fell a wee bit short. Joe loses eight; and Sunny can't figure out how... she gained five pounds! Sunny's in tears, feeling humiliated. Bob explains that the number on the scale is just her reality tonight; she can't let the scale beat her. Nevertheless, she feels guilty and is devastated that she didn't help her team this week. Now the remaining six players will need to lose 11 pounds each to guarantee everyone's immunity.

Jennifer loses four pounds; and she's not surprised, admitting that she's dependent on Bob, and she hasn't been able to work out with him for a weeks. Anna reminds Jennifer that she's got to do this on her own. Bob announces that he can't see the remaining players losing all the weight they'll need to. Both Bonnie and Becky only lose one pound, stunning everyone. It's obvious that the 90-pound mark isn't happening. After learning that he's lost five pounds, Vinny remarks that no one is pulling the numbers they usually do. Up next, Jessica loses four pounds, and she's happy. Ramon's last, and he needs to have lost more than eight pounds to be the week's Biggest Loser and win immunity. And wow - he's only lost two pounds. Ramon insists his mind is strong, regardless of what his body is doing.

Anna reminds Ramon to keep his focus, regardless of his new status as a lovebird. Ramon insists that his relationship with Jessica is increasing his focus; usually he'd be messing around with the guys, and Jessica has him doing crap he would never have thought of doing. Steaming, Jessica steps into the conversation. Their numbers have nothing to do with who's going out with whom. Anna continues, bringing up her experience of playing Wimbledon with her boyfriend in the stands - it was very, very hard to focus. Later, Ramon remarks that the scale wasn't the place for Anna to initiate this conversation. Since the players didn't even make half their goal, they will be eliminating someone tonight - but not John, who's the night's Biggest Loser.

The players retire to the living room to discuss the elimination. Ramon thinks the Black Team still has the upper hand, since they have five members left. Bonnie and Sunny immediately start crying. Ramon claims that Jessica has helped him focus on the future better than ever. Jennifer cries and begs the others to keep her on the ranch; she's got a lot of issues to work out with Bob. Vinny has a question - did the other trainers not tap into Jennifer's issues because she didn't let them? He's got something to say, which has been eating him alive for some time; he got so mad when Jennifer didn't repeat Dolvett's "hard work, dedication" mantra that he almost let it "overrule" him. Jennifer insists she did say it, but Vinny reminds her that he was sitting right beside her. On that note, Vinny stands up and walks to the door. When Jennifer refuses to apologize because she did nothing wrong, Vinny walks out.

It's the Black Team's first trip to the elimination room, and Alison must have heard something because she asks Vinny to speak first. With respect, Vinny explains that while some players may discover the demons they have to face on the ranch, others may have to go home to properly face their demons. And that's why he chose Jennifer. Jessica and Ramon both vote for Jennifer as well. Jennifer votes for Ramon, claiming that once he overcomes his issues, he could be a threat. John votes for Ramon too. But Joe votes for Jennifer, explaining that some of the people in the room have his back and some don't. Antone votes for her too, since Jennifer creates odd situations, then makes everyone else feel at fault. At the end of the day, she's been a major distraction. Sunny looks devastated but casts her vote for a less stressful house, and Jennifer is eliminated.






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