The Biggest Loser

Episode 11.15 : The Biggest Loser 1115

  • The Biggest Loser
    • Episode Premiere : April 12, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Reality
    • Seasons : 11
    • Show Period : 2004 - now
    • Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Main Cast
    • Alison Sweeney as School Girl #1,
    • Bob Harper,
    • Jillian Michaels as Herself - Host,
    • Dolvett Quince,
    • Kelly Fields,
    • Mark Kruger,
    • Roger Shultz,
    • Hollie Self,
    • Jay Kruger,
    • J.D. Roth

The Story

Last week's elimination was heartbreaking - losing Courtney and Brett - so directly afterwards, Allison delivers an incredible surprise. For the next two weeks the contestants will continue the game... in New Zealand! It promises to be the adventure of a lifetime. Kaylee and Moses are thrilled that New Zealand is close to the island of Tonga, where their family hails from. The players pack their bags and get on the Air New Zealand plane, where the welcoming stewardess explains they'll all be flying economy. However, one lucky contestant will have the opportunity to be upgraded to Air New Zealand's brand-new premium economy seat with a personal TV screen and fine dining, which they can order wherever they want. To win, all they have to do is answer a trivia question... How tall is the Sky Tower in Auckland?

Everyone gives an answer, but the right answer is 1,076 feet. Coming closest to the right answer - Austin. Normally Austin dreads flying, but he thinks this elite seat is the perfect way to go. Once in New Zealand, Allison meets the players on a bluff with a panoramic view of Auckland. She congratulates the nine players on how far they've come; as a group, they've lost 1,020 pounds. Moses explains his family connection to New Zealand: many years ago, his grandparents decided to send one of their 11 kids to Auckland to receive more education - Moses' dad. What he learned here is what brought Moses' family to the United States. It's a thrill for Moses to be in the same city where his father once lived and worked.

Allison points to the Sky Tower, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere - and the site of their very first challenge! Cara's waiting at the base of the tower to explain that the panoramic view from the top is incredible... so they're going to climb 1,027 stairs up there! Austin just smiles, but Hannah thinks she'll die well before she's done. Amazingly enough, the contestants are still jogging at the halfway mark - they're in better shape than they imagined. Unfortunately, Ken can't enjoy the view, because he's scared to death of heights. Bob shows up to explain that there are two ways to get back down: the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is the way the just came up - the stairs. The easy way? The contestants spy Jillian out the window in a harness attached to wires... she screams that it was all a mistake, as she takes the "easy" way town. Ken's face turns as green as his shirt.

Jillian's still freaking out when she reaches the ground, and despite their laughter, most of the players look dubious. Luckily, Moses and Rulon are literally off the hook, since the cable's weight limit is 280 pounds, and Jay can't go because of his heart issues. Moses is disappointed, wishing he could have lost 10-15 pounds more so that he could participate - it's another reason why he knows he's on the right path. Ken decides he has no inclination to face his wildest fear, which Bob understands, being uncomfortable with heights himself. Still, Bob challenges Ken, even though he's hoping Ken will say no; they can face their fears together. Surprisingly, Ken agrees to do it.

Hannah's first up, and she seems totally unafraid; she admits she never would have done it when she was heavier. On the way down, Hannah totally lives it up - it's an amazing moment for her - like jumping into a new self! Sister Olivia's up next, and she has to admit, it's the most freeing experience she's had in her life. Bob and Ken get suited up together, and it's clear neither one of them are very happy about it. Once on the ground, Bob immediately falls to his knees... his legs aren't working so great. Ken's last. Even though he looks like he's going to throw up on the platform, he arrives on the ground exhilarated. His whole journey has been about conquering his fear, and this is just a part of it.

Later, Bob discusses Moses' family connection to New Zealand. Bob decides to break the rules, and for the first time in 11 years of the show, gives Moses his phone to call his father and thank him for all he did for his family. Later, the contestants meet a guy named Erica at the harbor, who'll take them on a professional hybrid racing yacht. First off, the sail has to go up 112 feet to the top of the mast. But that's only the beginning - sailing requires a lot of work!

Bob, Jillian and Cara wait for the teams in a grassy field for their first workout in New Zealand. Since the Green Team hasn't been losing much weight in the last couple of weeks, Ken has some concerns. For her part, Jillian knows travel is traditionally terrible for weight loss, so she intends to go full-out. Before starting, Cara senses something, and asks her team if they have a problem. When Ken stops up, Cara sends the other two off to jog. Ken confesses that he needs more guidance from Cara on how to deal with the injuries he has. Before he can finish what he has to say, Cara cuts him off, aggressively defending herself. Ken suggests that because of the time spent on the show, Bob and Jillian have a higher level of expertise than anyone else. With a tear rolling down her cheek, Cara angrily tells him to jump ship if he wants.

Jillian steps in, and calls Austin and Kaylee to join her team's workout, so Cara and Ken can hash their stuff out. She knows the job of the trainer isn't supposed to be about egos. Having said what he needed to say, Ken returns to the workout. He knows Cara has heart, but he still questions whether she has the skill to take the Green Team to the finish line. Cara knows it's her chance to prove that she's just as good as Bob and Jillian.

Later, Allison calls the players to another spectacular hillside overlooking the sea to announce this week's challenge. They're about to compete in a 5K, New Zealand-style - down a path, over a creek bed, over dunes, to finish on a sandy beach. They'll be running in teams, which means they have to stick together, to help each other complete the course. The winning team will be flown by helicopter to the island of Waiheke, where they'll enjoy a lovely, scenic lunch. During the race, Ken's old hamstring injury starts rearing its ugly head, and the Black Team falls behind. The Green Team is in the lead, but the Blue Team overtakes them. Moses tires out, but knowing how much he wants this race for his dad, Irene and Olivia cheer him on, and the Blue Team crosses the finish line hand in hand.

After the win, Irene and Olivia know what they have to do... and they forfeit their helicopter ride so Kaylee and Moses can take the trip together. They enjoy their lunch, and toast to all the hard work Moses' father did to make everything possible for their family. But the peace and quiet doesn't last long... since it's time for the last-chance workout! Jillian puts the players through an old-school callisthenic warm-up, followed by a brutal yoga class with Bob. Afterwards, Cara decides to give Ken an extra cardio workout - he asked for it - he got it! Ken has to admit, this week, Cara really switched things up.

Finally, night falls, and it's time for the first weigh-in in New Zealand. Allison explains that the team with the lowest percentage will lose the weigh-in; the other teams will vote to decide who goes home. The only player who can't vote is the player with the highest percentage of weight loss on the winning team, because they'll have immunity. Everyone's on edge, aware of Jillian's opinion that losing weight while travelling is tough. Olivia's up first, and she's happy with a two-pound loss. Irene's thrilled with three, which was more than she was expecting. After a heartfelt speech about how wonderful it's been to walk where his father once did, Moses is stunned to have lost no weight whatsoever!

The Black Team's next, and Jay's first on the scales. No one can believe he actually gained two pounds. Rulon steps on the scale with his team in deficit, but luckily, he's lost seven. Now Hannah needs to lose at least one pound to beat the Blue Team and guarantee their safety. Hannah's surprised to find that she's lost four pounds! Usually when she's gone on vacation in the past, she's spent her time eating. This time around, she's spending time doing amazing physical things, and it's changed her whole perspective. Kaylee's first up for the Green Team, and she's blown away to have gained four pounds. She admits that her diet hasn't been the best. Cara tells her that she needs to have more self-control, and that's all there is to it. Cara's afraid she's lost control of her Green Team as Austin steps up to weigh in.

Austin is flabbergasted to have lost eight pounds; he's convinced the trip to New Zealand marks a new beginning for him. Now Ken will have to lose at last five pounds to keep his team safe - and he's lost six. Which unfortunately means the Blue Team has lost the weigh-in. Moses smiles, Kaylee sniffles, and Irene's safe, which means Olivia and Moses have some talking to do. Olivia tells the other players that the entire reason she came to the ranch was her desire to have a family. At age 35, she knew time was running out. Moses wants to stay too, but after hearing what Olivia had to say, he believes his time has come. He's lucky enough to have two daughters, and he wants Olivia to experience having children, too. He asks his fellow players to do what's right, and keep Olivia in the game.

Finally, Allison returns to move the elimination along, asking Hannah for her vote. Hannah gives Moses her love and her vote. Jay has taken what Moses said to heart, voting for him to help Olivia in her quest to have a family. Austin has also voted for Moses, just as Moses asked. Kaylee can't vote against her dad, and Ken doesn't want to vote against his workout partner, but does so out of respect. After telling his daughter to carry on in the spirit of her grandfather, Moses gives his love to everyone, and says a tearful goodbye. He's been over 400 pounds for 10 years, but his experience on the show has taught him that his journey isn't done. Now he has all the tools he needs to help his family get a better life, just like his father before him. He'll never let his weight hold him back from anything he wants to do ever again.






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