Bachelor Pad Episode 1.04 Episode 104
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Bachelor Pad Episode 1.04 Episode 104

Episode Premiere
Aug 30, 2010
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon
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Episode Premiere
Aug 30, 2010
2010 - 2013
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon
Official Site
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Questionable Material

Everyone in the house is edgy. An argument erupts between Wes and David, who is still angry that he had to be put on the spot at the last Rose Ceremony. Natalie answers the door to find a basket full of clipboards holding surveys. The queries posed could lead to some nasty responses.

The contestants are separated by sexes. They will be competing for a rose by answering questions related to the survey. They must guess whose name came up most for any given question. The first member of each sex with four correct responses gets immunity from this week's rose ceremony and also gets a date. So, let the Q&A games begin!Some of the contestants are afraid to display their answers but others show no fear. Here's a sampling of some of what was asked:

Who do you secretly have a crush on?

Who's the dumbest?

Who is considered the biggest jerk by the group?

What's the capital of Ecuador? (Okay, we're kidding about that last one.)

Survey Says...

Needless to say, the questions hit some people hard. Tenley is the first lady to get four correct answers. She took a clear lead when she was the only one to guess that Gwen was the dumbest in the house. As for the guys, Beck and Kovacs make it into the final two. The last question they're asked is "who has the worst boob job?" Hmm.

Kovacs contemplates whether or not he wants to call out Elizabeth for the win or risk losing to protect her feelings. When both Jesses reveal their answers, it's Beck who chooses Elizabeth and Kovacs who picks Krisily. What an honorable thing to do, Kovacs. Well, maybe not to Krisily.

Reception to Perceptions

Many of the girls break down. Their confidence is shattered by other's perceptions of them. Natalie is hurt that she got most votes for "always a bridesmaid but never the bride." What really stings is the fact that David is one of the guys who thought she'd score high in that category. As you know, Natalie and David are hiding their relationship from the rest of the house.

Elizabeth seems to take the most heat from the questions. She totally breaks down, but Kovacs is there to help her chin up. Kovacs also feels that, at this moment, he doesn't care about the money. He just wants to be with Elizabeth.

An Island Getaway

Tenley takes Kiptyn on her one-on-one date. She has some strong feelings for this guy and this is a chance to see if those feelings are mutual. We follow them on a danger date straight out of The Bachelorette as they go on a helicopter ride to Catalina Island. The zip-lining portion of the date really gets their hearts going.

Tenley and Kiptyn finally get some private time. Both have been worried about other contestants' feeling towards them being a couple. Kiptyn admits that he doesn't like showing affection while everyone is around. Fortunately, this island getaway is a perfect opportunity for him to tell Tenley just how he feels.

[quote left]It's pretty obvious to us that Tenley is going to give Kiptyn the rose, though she wonders if he'll accept it. Why wouldn't he? It's one step closer to 250,000! There's one last message from Chris Harrison. Do they want to head back to the mansion or spend the night in an island fantasy suite? Hey, the mansion can wait!

Upon their return, Kiptyn tells Tenley that they'll have to work together to tone down the PDA (that's "public displays of affection"). He knows it'll be hard for Tenley to keep their secret because she doesn't like to lie. It's true!

The Sky's the Limit

Beck decides to take Peyton on a date to further explore a chance at romance. Peyton also thinks there's a spark between them. This date is the second thrilling one of the episode, as they take to the skies in an old biplane.

Peyton and Jesse find themselves hanging in a hanger at the end of the date. They have many common interests, but Jesse's true side begins to emerge as he downs a few drinks. Peyton's feelings for him are changing after each sip. She begins to lose interest big time after Jesse burps in her face.

The Rose Ceremony

People are trying their best to figure out if they're on the chopping block. Two guys are safe which means three are available to be sent home. Wes is making the rounds reinforcing the idea that one of the men in a relationship must go, so Kovacs is the one he's trying to push out this week.

The lines are drawn and the "inside crowd" has the control over on which girl is going home. David, Kovacs and Kiptyn decide to align their vote to keep Elizabeth safe. They narrow down their decision to Gwen or Krisily. David talks to Krisily to make sure that she votes for Wes. Kiptyn feels Gwen has been nothing but sweet and can't find a reason to send her home.When all is said and done, Wes and Krisily are headed for the door.

A Woman Scorned

Krisily is furious at Dave, who assured her that she was not on the chopping block. She generalizes the situation at first, but Wes and Beck admit they did not vote for her. It's clear who actually did vote for her and she gives them a piece of her mind. Even in her car ride home, Krisily doesn't think she'll be able to talk to or acknowledge Dave ever again.

Wes, on the other hand, didn't see this coming but still thanks everyone for the experience. He also mentions that the insiders probably convinced Krisily into voting for him because she thought they offered her loyalty. He was right on the money with that one.

The couples are in complete control now. They can easily vote off any girl in the house. But just who will it be?