The Amazing Race Episode 16.01 Nanna is Kickin' Your Butt
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The Amazing Race Episode 16.01 Nanna is Kickin' Your Butt

Episode Premiere
Feb 14, 2010
Game-Show, Adventure
Production Company
Jerry Bruckheimer Television
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Episode Premiere
Feb 14, 2010
Game-Show, Adventure
2001 - now
Production Co
Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Phil Keoghan


The race kicked off in high gear as newly dating couple Jordan & Jeff triumphed in Valparaiso, Chile, while high school sweethearts Dana & Adrian couldn't even get past the first Roadblock.


Eleven teams gathered at the edge of downtown Los Angeles, where Host Phil Keoghan began the sixteenth AMAZING RACE with a surprise for the teams. Jaws dropped as Phil revealed that teams would have to figure out how to get to the airport using public transportation. The three fastest teams would be rewarded with tickets on the first flight, leaving almost an hour ahead of the other eight teams.

When Phil signaled the start of the race, teams ran to their bags and eagerly ripped open their clues to discover the first destination of Santiago, Chile. Once in Santiago, they had to scramble for buses to travel another 60 miles to Valparaiso and find Ascensor Villaseca. Running into the concrete jungle of downtown Los Angeles, an incredulous Brandy asked, "Who takes the bus in LA?" Her girlfriend Brandy added, "Public transportation to us is like not using the valet parker." Oklahoman cowboy Jet noted, "We probably knew less about where we were going than anybody in the group." His brother Cord continued, "The County that I live in has one light and its flashing yellow." In another part of Downtown, detectives Louie & Michael met septuagenarian triathlete Jodi and her granddaughter Shannon. When the spry Jodi sprinted ahead of the muscular but lumbering Louie, Michael tried to "encourage" his partner by goading, "Nanna is kickin' your butt. What's wrong with you?"

Newly dating couple Jordan & Jeff teamed up with high school sweethearts Dana & Adrian and discovered from a bus driver that the fastest way to the airport was walking to Union Station to take the Flyaway bus. Mom attorneys Monique & Shawne and dating couple Carol & Brandy also found their way to Union Station for the LAX Flyaway bus, as the remaining seven teams took the longer Metro train.


With four teams on the Flyaway bus and only three sets of tickets on the first flight, Jeff did the math and quipped to Jordan, "If these bitches think they're going ahead of somebody..." Carol joked, "We might have to break somebody's leg getting off the bus." As soon as the shuttle pulled up to the terminal, the four teams ran off the bus and searched frantically for the yellow and red flagged counter. Attorney mothers Monique & Shawne spotted it first, followed closely by Dana & Adrian and Jordan & Jeff, leaving dating couple Carol & Brandy in fourth place and off of the earlier flight that connected through Dallas. Trying to keep a sense of humor as she and Brandy booked the second flight connecting through Miami, Carol joked to the ticket agent, "Please tell me it's raining in Dallas."

While waiting for their flight, detectives Louie & Michael tipped off dating models Brent & Caite about something dating couple Brandy & Carol said in reference to Caite's infamous past as a Miss Teen USA contestant. Louie told them, "The lesbians go, ‘Where's her tiara?'" A shocked Caite replied, "Those people said that?"


Walking to the gate for the second flight, Brandy quipped, "We're praying for weather in Dallas and or a major mechanical failure." Brandy's hope became a reality as an announcement at the gate for the first flight informed the three lead teams that they couldn't board their flight because of a maintenance issue. The issue worsened when the gate attendant gave an update, saying, "Maintenance is probably gonna give us another aircraft." A stunned Adrian could only muster, "Wow, that's brutal." Instead of accepting their fate of now landing last in Santiago, Dana & Adrian took matters in their own hands by asking the ticket agent if she had any other options. The agent managed to get the high school sweethearts on the flight through Miami with the other eight teams, saying, "Better that than losing the day." Monique & Shawne and Jordan & Jeff noticed Dana & Adrian's move and soon followed suit, putting all eleven teams on the same flight. A disappointed Jeff said, "That's the way the cookie crumbles, huh?" When the three teams arrived at the gate for the flight through Miami, Brandy joked, "There is that mechanical failure I was praying for."


Landing in Santiago, attorney moms Monique & Shawne, newly dating Jordan & Jeff, high school sweethearts Dana & Adrian, and dating models Brent & Caite all snagged seats on the first bus departing at 12:15pm. After the flight fiasco in Los Angeles, Monique said, "Being kicked off the first plane, it was important for us to taste a little bit of victory."

Dating couple Carol & Brandy took seats on the 12:20pm bus with brothers Dan & Jordan, married couple Joe & Heidi and father and daughter Steve & Allie. Cowboys Jet & Cord also tried to board the bus, but quickly realized that they'd made a mistake at LAX. The cowboy brothers had exchanged money at the airport, but they converted it into Brazilian Real instead of Chilean pesos. By the time the brothers corrected their mistake in the station, the 12:20 bus had already departed, leaving them in last place with detectives Louie & Michael and grandmother and granddaughter Jodi & Shannon on a 12:30pm bus.vHIGH WIRE ACT

Arriving in Valparaiso, dating models Brent & Caite and newly dating Jordan & Jeff raced through the streets of the city in taxis until they reached Ascensor Villaseca to find a Roadblock of cable walking. In it, one team member had to balance precariously 120-feet above the ground and walk a cable the length of a football field across a valley to the other side.

Caite excitedly ran to the edge of the steep valley and geared up for her cable walk, saying, "I don't have a fear of heights. I'm a tomboy at heart. I'm here to win a million dollars and beat other people." With Jordan following close on Caite's heels, Brent shouted words of encouragement to his girlfriend, who replied, "I feel like I'm training for snowboarding." After reaching the other side, Caite & Brent opened their next clue instructing them to take one of Valparaiso's 120-year old funiculars, the Ascensor Artilleria, down the hillside.


With Dana & Adrian's and Monique & Shawne's taxis lost in the winding streets of the city, teams from the second bus began to arrive at Ascensor Villaseca. Brandy offered to traverse the terrifying expanse of the valley for her team and instantly regretted the decision. Trying to psyche herself up, she kept repeating, "I can do this." From the other side, Carol said to herself, "Come on Brandy. Do not stop." With the strong winds adding complications, Brandy began to shake and sway on the cable as she gripped for dear life. Finally, in an effort to collect herself, Brandy sat down on the cable and waited until she felt comfortable enough to stand back up and continue inching to the other side repeating her mantra, "I can do this." When she finally reached Carol on the other side, Brandy's look of relief and accomplishment said it all.

Finally arriving at the Roadblock in 8th place, Adrian decided to walk the cables for his team, even though he had a fear of heights, saying, "I never back down from a challenge. I'm the big dog." His wife Dana added that Adrian chose to do this because he had the strength to get across the cables. Like Brandy before him, Adrian talked to himself with words of encouragement as he slowly crept along the cables.

Reaching the funicular, dating models Brent & Caite, comfortably in first place, misread their clue and took the stairs to the street below rather than ride the funicular. Close behind them, Jordan & Jeff and brothers Dan & Jordan hopped on the Ascensor Artilleria trying to catch up to the dating models. On Brent & Caite, Jordan said, "I underestimated that team."


Arriving at the cluebox after walking down the stairs, Brent & Caite opened their next clue instructing them to grab four cans of paint and supplies, and carry them up the steep incline of Templeman Street, to partake in a beautification effort in the city. The teams had to search the rows of houses for one that matched their paint color. When they completed painting an unfinished section of the house, the local painter would hand them their next clue.

As Brent & Caite struggled to find Templeman Street, Jordan & Jeff and Dan & Jordan picked up their painting supplies and joined in the hunt for houses that matched the color of their paint. After searching in vain through the lower areas of the neighborhood, Jeff finally realized they would have to hike up a steep hill to scan the houses in the elevated area.

Reaching the top of the hill, Jordan & Jeff spotted the house that matched their baby blue paint and began painting the big white spot next to the window. Once they filled in the spot and it matched the rest of the house, the newly dating couple received their next clue instructing them to make their way on foot to the Pit Stop at Palacio Baburizza, a 90-year old chalet.


With Brent & Caite finishing their coat of paint right behind them, Jordan & Jeff ran through the streets of Valparaiso and found Phil, hanging out with a group of Chilean musicians, to claim first place. For their victory, the newly dating couple won a trip for two from Travelocity to Vancouver.

Stepping onto the mat in second place, dating models Brent & Caite received the bad news that they incurred a 30-minute penalty for traveling on foot instead of taking the funicular as instructed. A frustrated Brent said, "That definitely sucks." The couple's concern grew as attorney moms Monique & Shawne claimed second.


As grandmother and granddaughter Jody & Shannon and cowboys Jet & Cord arrived at the Roadblock with hopes of pulling themselves out of last place, Adrian struggled to maintain his balance on the cable. With wife Dana looking on, Adrian muttered to himself, "It just seems like forever." The next step he took sent Adrian tumbling off the cable with a scream as he dangled over the deep valley below him. Already tired from having to balance his large frame against the wind, Adrian now faced the daunting task of trying to pull himself back up onto the cable to continue his walk across. One attempt made Adrian realize that he didn't have the strength so he returned to the start of the cable walk to start over.

With Cord and Shannon completing the cable walk, Adrian stalled the start of his second attempt across the valley until Dana shouted, "This is crucial! I need you to try again!" With defeat in his voice, before stepping on the cable, Adrian said, "She's going to ride me like a horse." Seeing her husband start to inch along the cable, Dana remarked, "I'll never stop loving him but I'm gonna push him."


As teams floundered in finding their unfinished houses to paint, cowboys Jet & Cord saw the perfect opportunity to make up lost time. The cowboy brothers quickly ran up the hill with their ladder and supplies, painted their house, and finished in third place as Brent & Caite continued to wait out their penalty. On the experience, Jet said, "We've definitely had a good time so far. Cowboys aren't necessarily just some hicks from Texas."

Penalties affected the placement of two teams during the leg. Brent & Caite ultimately fell from second place to seventh for their missed funicular, but the dating models remained optimistic about their chances in the race. Brothers Dan & Jordan lost a paint brush and incurred a 15-minute penalty that dropped them from fourth place to eighth place. Looking disappointed, Jordan simply said, "Tomorrow is a new day."


With all the teams checked in, Adrian continued his slow crawl along the cable as he used every ounce of energy to maintain his balance. His forearms burning, Adrian again fell down, dangling over the valley as he told his wife, "I tried," After coming back to solid ground, Adrian commented, "Going out in the first leg is not something that we planned on doing."

When Phil arrived at Ascensor Villaseca, he delivered the bad news to Dana & Adrian that they had officially been eliminated from the race. A disappointed Adrian commented, "I don't like losing at all. So for me to not be able to finish something like that, it was just gut wrenching for me." He then added about his wife, "She and I had each other before the race. She and I will have each other after the race and ultimately we know we've got each other."


Roadblock: A Roadblock is a task that only one person can perform. In this Roadblock, one team member had to balance precariously 120-feet above the ground and walk a cable the length of a football field across a valley to the other side.


Detour: N/A

Order of Finish

1. Jordan & Jeff

2. Monique & Shawne

3. Jet & Cord

4. Steve & Allie

5. Joe & Heidi

6. Carol & Brandy

7. Brent & Caite

8. Dan & Jordan

9. Michael & Louie

10. Jody & Shannon

11. Dana & Adrian