This Is Why Cardi B Return to Social Media After Hiatus

The Grammy-winning femcee, who shares Kulture, 5, and Wave, 2, with rapper Offset, explains in an interview that she has her own reason why she comes back to social media despite its negativity.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B has her own reason why she's back on social media. In a new interview, the "WAP" hitmaker revealed that being offline makes her at peace, but she had to go back online despite the negativity.

"Being at home," the 31-year-old told Rolling Stone. "When I was off social media and nobody knew what I was doing, I was at peace a lot."

Cardi, who shares Kulture, 5, and Wave, 2, with rapper Offset, went on to elaborate, "But what am I going to do? Never post or never work again because that's peace? No." She then explained, "I don't ever want my daughter or my son to ever give up on something because they can't take the pressure of what people say about them. I got to set that example."

"It's like, 'Y'all never going to break me,' " the Grammy winner continued. "Because I got something to prove to myself. I also got to prove something to the haters. I've got to prove it to my own kids."

Despite her toughness, Cardi admitted to crying after reading a very hurtful comment. "Like yesterday, I was scrolling through TikTok and a b***h made me cry," she said. "She was just like, 'She has got to give it up. She's better off being an influencer. You was cosplaying being a rapper. Because you don't take it seriously. That's why you don't put out your music.' "

"And it's like, I take my music so f**king seriously that that's why I don't put it out," she added. "Because if it's not perfect to my ear, if every f**king word doesn't sound like it's pronounced right, if the beat is overpowering the words or the words is overpowering the beat, I don't want to put it out."

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