'Bridgerton' Actress Golda Rosheuvel Marries Playwright Girlfriend in Low-Key Wedding

The Queen Charlotte of 'Bridgerton' has found her happily ever after off-screen, marrying her long-time partner Shireen Mula in a heartwarming and intimate ceremony.

AceShowbiz - Golda Rosheuvel, the 54-year-old British actress who charmed millions with her role as Queen Charlotte in Netflix's hit series "Bridgerton", has officially tied the knot with her partner of over a decade, playwright Shireen Mula. The couple's wedding, which was the antithesis of a "Bridgerton"-style extravagant affair, took place quietly at the end of last year.

A source close to the couple revealed, "It was the complete opposite of a Bridgerton-style wedding - there were no extravagant displays or hundreds of guests. The wedding itself was incredibly low key. But it felt right for the two of them and their friends and family are so happy for them both."

The pair, who met the old-fashioned way at a friend's party, have been inseparable ever since.

Golda's rise to stardom began with her extensive theatre work and various on-screen roles, but it was her role as Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton that made her a household name. Her performance was so well-received that it spurred a spin-off series, "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story".

Speaking to Tatler, Golda acknowledged the crucial support she received from Shireen, stating, "The attention has been a big adjustment and it's great to have somebody there who can hold you in the moments you find difficult and help you navigate the ups and downs."

Shireen Mula, an accomplished playwright associated with The Royal Court Theatre and other prestigious institutions, has played a pivotal role in Golda's life and career. The couple shares a profound mutual respect for their crafts, often collaborating and supporting each other's projects. Golda once mentioned how Shireen's pride in her work has had a grounding effect, especially amidst the staggering popularity of "Bridgerton".

The latest installment of "Bridgerton", which has captivated audiences around the world, saw its third season pulling in an astonishing 45.1 million views within just four days of its release. The romantic drama, known for its emotional depth and opulent settings, continues to be a global sensation, with fans eagerly awaiting the second part of the third season set to drop in June.

As for Golda and Shireen, their love story is a testament to enduring partnership and shared passions, proving that sometimes, the best stories are the ones lived in real life.

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