Bethenny Frankel Puts Chanel on Blast as She Returns to Store After Being Denied Entry

The former 'Real Housewives of New York City' star sparks debates on elitism and customer service after she was stopped from entering Chanel store in Chicago.

AceShowbiz - Bethenny Frankel, known for her sharp wit and strong opinions on reality TV, recently found herself in an uncomfortable situation with a Chanel store in Chicago. The drama unfolded when Frankel, fresh off a plane and wearing casual attire, attempted to enter the high-end store without an appointment. However, she was promptly stopped by a security guard, igniting a fiery response from the star.

Posting her frustration on Instagram, Frankel recounted her experience of being denied entry by the employee. "He's like, 'Hello. Do you have an appointment?' He's like Lurch in the Addams Family. Like 'You rang?' " Frankel quipped. "I'm like, 'No, I don't have an appointment. I have a credit card. I have a bag of Garrett's popcorn, a basic b***h purse. Am I not allowed to come in at 3:54 on a Tuesday?' Evidently not."

In her Instagram caption, she speculated that her casual attire may have contributed to the snub, writing, "Crime is at an all-time high and security is critical. I could easily call one of my salespeople and get on this list. That's besides the point. I was straight off a plane in a sweaty t-shirt and not dolled up or looking wealthy."

She added, "There are several ways to convey a message and this way was rudeness and elitist and exclusionary, which is also a crime. In business, first impressions are lasting. I would never want anyone to feel lesser than, particularly from a luxury brand making billions off of people buying into the hype."

Not one to back down, Frankel returned to Chanel the following day, this time dressed to the nines. Calling it a "Chanel field trip," she remarked, "If they let me in because of how I look, Christmas is canceled." Unlike her previous attempt, Frankel was let into the store without any issues but left shortly after stepping inside.

The incident did not end there. Frankel continued to express her disdain for the treatment she received by posting several Instagram sketches, including one inspired by Julia Roberts' iconic movie "Pretty Woman." In another, she posed with numerous designer bags, casting a satirical eye on the situation.

This confrontation has sparked a broader discussion on social media about luxury brands and their customer service practices. Many followers applauded Frankel for calling out what she viewed as elitist and exclusionary behavior. As she rightly pointed out, "Being kind to customers of all socioeconomic backgrounds is also timeless and classic."

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