Chris Hemsworth Roasted and Honored by 'Avengers' Co-Stars at Walk of Fame Ceremony

The Thor depicter gets a star while his fellow Avengers get the laughs, thanks to Robert Downey Jr.'s playful Oscar-worthy speech and Scarlett Johansson's witty remark.

AceShowbiz - It was a star-studded day in Hollywood on Thursday as Chris Hemsworth, known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To mark the occasion, his Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr. delivered a speech that combined heartfelt praise with a friendly roast, directed at their superheroic colleague.

Downey Jr., who played Iron Man alongside Hemsworth's Thor, began by encouraging the crowd on Hollywood Boulevard to watch Hemsworth's latest film, "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga", three times. He then shared a unique twist to his speech by unveiling words from their fellow Marvel stars that would best describe Hemsworth in just three words.

"I reached out to his fellow Avengers to distill to three simple describing words what is Chris Hemsworth. First off, Jeremy Renner says, 'Absurdly annoyingly amazing,' " Downey Jr. revealed.

The audience was treated to hilarious contributions from other Avengers, with Mark Ruffalo labeling him, "Friend from work," Scarlett Johansson added, "Sensitive leading lady," and Chris Evans, dubbed him "Second-best Chris." These witty descriptions led to eruptions of laughter among the crowd and even Hemsworth himself.

Despite the playful jabs, Downey Jr. turned sincere towards the end of his speech. "I'm just going to bring it right here to the moment, to the here and now with joy and such a sense of there's no one who deserves this more," he said, noting Hemsworth's deserving recognition as a Hollywood star recipient. The two actors, along with Ruffalo, Renner, Johansson and Evans, have all left an indelible mark in their roles as core Avengers superheroes.

Downey Jr. emphasized Hemsworth's "contagious Aussie charm" and true depth of soul, despite describing him as "daunting to describe" due to his striking appearance. "Chris is a bit daunting to describe. He's very elusive because of the pretty packaging. However, upon further inspection down under, he has a true-blue wit and he has a depth of soul. It has been my sincere pleasure to know you 'lo these many years. You keep us Hollywood folks on our toes because you're just a real dude," he said in his heartfelt tribute.

Hemsworth's family, including his wife Elsa Pataky and their three children, were present for the ceremony, adding a personal touch to the event. Hemsworth himself took the opportunity to recognize Pataky for her unwavering support, stating, "The fact [is] that nothing that I do, any of these moments, these special occasions and events, none of it is special without you by my side. I love you."

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