'Dexter' Prequel Series Announces Lead Actor, Christian Slater Is Among Cast Members

The 'Original Sin' has found its young Dexter Morgan who will take center stage and undergo a transformation from troubled student to meticulous avenger.

AceShowbiz - The highly anticipated "Dexter: Original Sin" prequel series has revealed its star-studded cast, poised to bring new life to the origins of the infamous Dexter Morgan. This 10-part series set 15 years before the original "Dexter" show will feature Patrick Gibson, Christian Slater, and Molly Brown in its leading roles.

Patrick Gibson ("Shadow and Bone") will portray the young Dexter Morgan, a character made iconic by Michael C. Hall. Christian Slater ("Mr. Robot," "Heathers") takes on the role of Harry Morgan, Dexter's adoptive father and homicide detective, a character previously played by James Remar. Molly Brown ("Senior Year") will portray Dexter's younger sister, Debra Morgan, originally played by Jennifer Carpenter.

Set in 1991 Miami, the show will delve deep into how a young Dexter manages his bloodthirsty urges while learning to channel his darker instincts. As he transitions from a student to an avenging serial killer, Dexter must adhere to a "Code" - devised with the guidance of his father Harry - to eliminate those he feels society can do without, all while keeping his activities hidden from law enforcement.

This psychological odyssey is further complicated for Dexter as he begins a forensics internship at the Miami Metro Police Department. The show's official logline emphasizes this critical juncture where Dexter must navigate these challenges while developing his unique moral compass.

The creative force driving this prequel remains robust with Emmy-nominated showrunner Clyde Phillips returning to steer the series. Alongside Phillips, original series actor Michael C. Hall joins as an executive producer.

Other executive producers include Scott Reynolds ("Jessica Jones"), Mary Leah Sutton ("Resident Evil"), Tony Hernandez ("Emily in Paris"), and Lilly Burns ("Russian Doll"). Michael Lehmann ("Heathers") also serves as a directing executive producer.

The casting choices bring rich portfolios to the table. Gibson's talents have been showcased in Netflix's "Shadow and Bone" and "The OA." Slater's acclaimed roles span from cult classics like "Heathers" to his Golden Globe-winning performance in "Mr. Robot." Brown adds her experience from notable TV shows such as "Billions" and films like "Senior Year."

"Dexter: Original Sin" marks the second spin-off in the Dexter franchise following Showtime's "Dexter: New Blood," which aired in 2021. While "New Blood" picked up years after the original series finale, "Original Sin" aims to capture the nascent stages of Dexter's evolution into the avenging serial killer audiences have both feared and sympathized with.

While the show has no announced premiere date, the compelling backdrop and stellar cast promise an exciting revisit to the universe of Dexter Morgan. Stay tuned as "Dexter: Original Sin" prepares to dive into the makings of one of television's most captivating anti-heroes.

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