Joe Budden Accused of Bullying by Ex Tahiry Jose After He Denies Her Abuse Claims

The drama between the podcaster and Tahiry Jose started after he weighed in on Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs' apology for Cassie after a video of Puff assaulting the singer in a hotel leaked.

AceShowbiz - Joe Budden was publicly called out by his ex Tahiry Jose. The podcaster was first accused of abuse, but after denying the allegations, Tahiry came forward with other claims.

The drama started after Joe weighed in on Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' apology for Cassie after a video of Puff's assault leaked. Tahiry then put the former rapper on blast, alleging that he's being a hypocrite.

"FOH, Who??? The irony. This is so triggering!!!!!" she raged. "I remember Joey throwing me down a flight of stairs dragging me back into the house & me having to talk him into letting me go."

"This whole sh*t took me out. So hard to watch," Tahiry continued. "So sorry for Cassie and every other woman who's currently going through it or has ever gone through it. It's tough."

Catching wind of the comment, Joe replied, "@therealtahiry you are a lying, failed gold digger that has abused, targeted and manipulated many men." He went on to argue, "Outside of me you lack an identity which is why you've tried desperately to attach yourself to me for over 15 years."

Tahiry then fired back, "@joebudden You can say WHATEVER you want about me! Those that know me know!!!! I'm not scared of you anymore. You can keep bullying, intimidating the rest." She added, "Those that know you and are around you also know the truth. Sad that they continue to enable your behavior. Your time is coming!"

Aside from Tahiry, Joe has been accused of domestic violence by his two other ex-girlfriends; model Esther Baxter and reality star Cyn Santana. Joe has vehemently denied the allegations though, and has not been convicted of such in a court of law.

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