'13 Reasons Why' Star Anne Winters Seeks Treatment for 'Malnutrition' After Showing Skinny Body

The 'Orville' actress courageously opens up about her journey towards health and wellness by sharing her harrowing struggle with malnutrition and her determined steps towards recovery.

AceShowbiz - Anne Winters, known for her roles in "The Orville" and "13 Reasons Why," recently took to Instagram to address her fans' concerns over her dramatic weight loss by revealing her ongoing battle with malnutrition. In heartfelt and candid posts, the 29-year-old actress disclosed her decision to seek help at a treatment facility, highlighting the complexities of recognizing one's need for help and the courage it takes to pursue recovery.

Winters' journey became a subject of public concern after she posted a video showcasing her significantly slimmer frame, which alarmed fans and followers. The actress, in a tiny crop top and low-rise miniskirt, chose to confront the issue head-on by openly discussing her condition and the steps she is undertaking towards rehabilitation.

Winters expressed her gratitude towards her supporters and emphasized her commitment to embracing a healthier lifestyle through professional treatment. "Getting help is harder than ya think. Knowing when to ask for help is step 1. And to be celebrated!!! Very blessed to have been given a fast track to the best help so I can get my body back to its best asap and let it catch up to my strong af mind," she posted.

The battle with malnutrition, as Winters revealed, took a toll not only on her physical health but also on her mental well-being. She shared insights into how the condition can deceive one's perception of their health, stating, "Crazy how my body was maybe on its last leg of survival...I learned when malnutrition takes over- ur mind can convince you your fine- which I felt...I'm shocked."

This honest admission sheds light on the dangerous and often overlooked aspects of eating disorders and malnutrition, underscoring the importance of awareness and intervention.

Moreover, Winters' story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of health over societal beauty norms. As she embarks on her recovery journey, Winters also hinted at future plans that involve moving and working on her business in Bali, showing that her determination and ambition remain unshaken.

Anne Winters' openness about her struggle and recovery process is not only brave but also essential in sparking conversations around health, wellness, and the pressures faced by those in the public eye. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action for individuals facing similar battles, emphasizing the value of self-care, the strength in seeking help, and the beauty of recovery.

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