GloRilla Claps Back After Backlash Over Her Ignorant Response to DUI Arrest

The 'Tomorrow' raptress catches heat after seemingly playing down her recent DUI arrest in Georgia by posting a boozy photo social media, which she quickly takes down.

AceShowbiz - GloRilla continues to show no remorse following her recent DUI arrest in Georgia. The rapper has fired back at critics after she was slammed over her apparent ignorant response to reports about her legal issue.

Instead of apologizing for upsetting people with her boozy photo, the 24-year-old wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday, April 17, "We live in a generation fulla f**king a** n***as Ima keep my lil s**t to myself yall got it."

GloRilla's Tweet

GloRilla seemingly clapped back after blasted over her ignorant response to her recent DUI arrest.

Glo posted the tweet shortly after she shared a booze-themed picture seemingly in response to the DUI arrest. In the selfie, she stuck her tongue out while holding a bottle of wine on the top of her head. She left the image captionless, but many saw it as her downplaying her DUI arrest.

The Memphis native quickly took down the photo, but not before other social media users saw it and reposted it. Her photo left many people fuming, with one person slamming her, "That's irresponsible AF smh."

A second critic wrote, "This is irresponsible and not cute. You could have killed somebody or yourself. Where is her team and friends? This is sad." Another commented, "Not cool. Drinking and driving is a loser move."

"Nah Glo. Grow tf up," a fourth person advised the hip-hop star. Someone said, "The ignorance is appalling," while a sixth person wrote, "not funny at all." Other similar comments read, "DUI is not funny. She'll be apologizing soon" and "Not cute or funny. Could've killed someone," while a baffled user asked, "Real question her PR told her to post this ? Because."

Previously, TMZ reported that Glo was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, consuming/possessing an open alcoholic beverage container and a separate traffic charge on early Tuesday morning. She was initially pulled over by officers after making a U-turn at a solid red traffic light in Gwinnett County, GA.

During the traffic stop, one of the officers notes that her car smelled marijuana and alcohol. They put her through several tests, which she seemingly struggled with, but she allegedly refused a breathalyzer test on the scene.

During this exchange with the cops, GloRilla reportedly had a wardrobe malfunction that resulted in her breast slipping out from under her clothes. She apparently was not aware of it until the officer told her about it.

She was hauled into jail around 6:12 A.M. ET, but got released a few hours later after posting a bond. An associate, meanwhile, came to pick up her vehicle. Her mug shot captured her flashing a smile to the camera.

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