Olivia Culpo Reacts to Buccal Fat Removal Rumors

The 31-year-old model and former Miss USA addresses speculations surrounding any cosmetic work she's had done in recent years in a GRWM video on her TikTok account.

AceShowbiz - Olivia Culpo is forced to get candid about the cosmetic procedures she's gotten as speculations about the matter ran rampant online. The model decided to set the record straight in a TikTok video over the weekend.

In a video featuring her getting ready for Coachella, the 31-year-old addressed rumors surrounding any cosmetic work she's had done in recent years. "I, for the record, have never had plastic surgery," the former Miss USA declared.

"I see things in my comments like, 'What did she do to her jaw?' or a lot of people will say that I got buccal fat removal because my face is more sunken in now than it was 10, 12 years ago," she continued. "I'll tell you guys exactly what I did."

Olivia later shared that she got Botox injections in her temples and on her chin. The model, however, claimed that she did not get Botox injections on her forehead and she did not get fillers in her jaw. The Sports Illustrated Swim model also denied getting buccal fat removal.

The catwalk beauty revealed that there was a point in time when she did get fillers. However, she noted that it's been years since she hasn't gotten them.

"I'm just embracing my natural structure," she shared. "I do not have cheek filler. I have done filler before in my cheeks, but I haven't in years. I don't want my face to be so concaved, I guess. So that's the tea, guys ... I just got a lash lift."

Olivia additionally admitted to having Botox in her lips. While the "Culpo Sisters" star didn't like how it came out, she said that she would be willing to try it again. She went on saying, "Happiness is just an inside job at the end of the day and you can do all of these things. And I just wanted to be honest with you guys because I think gatekeeping is really lame."

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