Bianca Censori Endures Parading Her Body to Keep Kanye West 'Happy'
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Despite backlash aimed at the Chicago rapper, the Aussie architecture is reportedly the one pulling the strings in their marriage and her attempt to become a big star.

AceShowbiz - Bianca Censori reportedly enjoys flaunting her body in public despite criticism leveled at Kanye West. The rapper has been accused of controlling his wife and making her wear racy clothes, but a source claims that Bianca never objects to it because she loves the attention she gets with it.

Citing the source allegedly close to the couple, The National Enquirer (via reports that Bianca is the one pulling the strings when trying to run herself into a big star. "Bianca is extremely intelligent, well-educated, and beyond ambitious," the source stresses. "This idea that she's some sort of victim in is way off the mark."

"She's absolutely loving the attention she creates by bating her body in public," the informant dishes. Ye has been accused of parading his wife around like his property, but sources claim the scheming model is enduring it all as part of her plan to make a name for herself.

"She's got no problem flaunting her incredible body if that's what keeps Kanye happy," says one of the sources. "Putting up with his madness is a means to an end for her. Bianca is getting everything she wants in the way of fashion deals and connections."

The 28-year-old architecture clearly enjoys the perks of her headline-making looks as the source adds, "Kanye has already raised her profile so much she's now in a position where he needs her as much as she needs him - and she's going to take it all the way to the bank!"

Kanye has been under fire over his wife's racy outfits, with people claiming that he's the mastermind behind the steamy display. "Does anyone believe that she is wearing these outfits because it's her choice?" one person commented on one of Bianca's sexy looks. "To me It's obvious that Ye is behind these atrocious outfits she wears. Does anybody know what she was like before Ye ruined her life? Sorry maybe 'ruined' is a harsh word, how about sabotaged, is that better? I think she's afraid to tell him NO."

Another penned, "Damn why do you let him put you out there like a joke. You were so conservative and still looked amazing before him, and now he has you out there like his personal toy. If he loves you he wouldn't even ask you to go like that,because that's not sexy." Someone else simply claimed, "He's the master she's the servant, control freak."

Despite the criticism, Bianca did not tone down her appearance during a recent outing with Ye. On Sunday, April 7, she raised eyebrows again by wearing nothing underneath a completely sheer outfit. She rocked a nude, strapless dress which clung to her figure when stepping out with her husband in Los Angeles.

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