Tori Spelling Open to Marriage Again Amid Dean McDermott Divorce, Embraces Co-Dependency

The 'misSpelling' host doesn't rule out tying the knot for the second time despite her first marriage to Dean McDermott fell apart after more than a decade.

AceShowbiz - Despite filing for divorce from Dean McDermott after 18 years of marriage, 50-year-old actress Tori Spelling remains open to the possibility of marriage in the future.

On her podcast, "misSpelling," Spelling expressed her love for wedding planning, citing celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Elizabeth Taylor as examples of multiple marriages. She stated that she feels "better with people" around her, including her five children.

Spelling shared that she has not had privacy in her bodily functions for 18 years, with her son Beau often accompanying her to the bathroom. She admitted to co-dependency and believes that it improves her well-being.

Regarding her beliefs on love and relationships, Spelling has evolved over time. She emphasizes the importance of love in creating and maintaining a family but questions how some people remain married for decades. She believes in the existence of two "soulmates" or partners, with one for the chapter of family life and the other for self-focused later years.

Spelling's admission of her willingness to remarry comes after she publicly shared her struggles with feeling unlovable, attributing this to "learned behavior" from her youth. However, she acknowledged the difficulty of changing such deeply ingrained beliefs.

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