Olivia Rodrigo 'Shyly' Confesses She Uses Fake Account for This Relatable Purpose

When talking about social media in a new interview, the 'Drivers License' songstress also shares that she usually checks her photos plenty of times before sharing them online.

AceShowbiz - Olivia Rodrigo "shyly" confessed that she has a fake social media account. In a new interview, the "Drivers License" songstress revealed that she made the account for a specific purpose, which may be relatable to many.

The 20-year-old singer made the surprising confession during an interview, which was published on Tuesday, November 21. Speaking to The Face, she confirmed, "I do [have a finsta]." She went on to spill, "But nothing's on it. I just use it to stalk my crushes," before bragging, "I'm so good at finding stuff out about people on social media. It's one of my favorite pastimes."

During the chat, Olivia also talked about her habit of checking her photos plenty of times before releasing them online. "Social media, unsurprisingly, is a source of anxiety for Olivia, who quadruple-checks all her Instagram posts before sharing them with her 35 million followers, staring at her selfies until she's convinced her face looks weird," the magazine noted.

Elsewhere in the interview, Olivia discussed her music preferences. "I think I only figured out the rock side of my voice towards the end of 'Sour'," she shared, making a reference to her album "Sour" that was released in 2021. "So I wanted to explore that more."

"And I just mostly love listening to songs written by women," the "Vampire" singer continued. On the reason why, she explained, "There's something special and poignant about them that I gravitate towards. I love how Gwen Stefani can write a rock-ska song about feeling jealous and insecure that, like, her boyfriend is talking to other people. It's so cool."

About her song "all-american b***h", Olivia elaborated, "When we made it I was like, whatever, I thought it could be a bonus track. Then when my mom heard it, she was so moved that she bawled her eyes out, and she doesn't get that way with everything."

Noting that her mother is "very important" and she has to "get her approval on everything," Olivia continued, "She definitely has her criticisms, but watching her reaction to it made me see the song in a new way. She's the reason it's on the album."

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