Amber Rose Slammed After Accusing Church of 'Child Abuse' in Response to Viral Crying Kids Video

The former video vixen is dragged online after saying that she'll 'never understand the church or religion' in response to a viral clip showing children crying and praying at church.

AceShowbiz - Amber Rose has offended some Christians with her comments on the religion. The 39-year-old model has faced backlash after describing church as a form of "child abuse" after seeing a viral video of kids crying and praying at church.

"This is child abuse," the former girlfriend of Kanye West wrote as she reposted the video on her Instagram Story. "These kids are so young stressing their little bodies out over something they can't change is crazy. I'll never understand the church or religion."

Not stopping there, the mother of two claimed in a separate post, "Also, these children probably don't really feel like this they've been trained and taught that this is what 'God' wants."

After Amber's comments were posted on The Shade Room's Instagram page, many blasted the SlutWalk founder for attacking the church. "Don't undermine children's relationship with God because you don't have one with him," one person warned her. Another argued, "Only atheist go so hard to try to deny God. That's how I know He's even more real."

A third said, "Why she can't just be atheist and shut up about it? Atheism is literally the absence of belief in God, it is not trying to call Christians out for what we believe." Someone defended her right to express her own beliefs but called on her to not be disrespectful. "If you want to be atheist that's your prerogative. Don't be an inconsiderate human being and disrespect others religion," the said person wrote.

Another hit back at Amber, "One can say taking your child to a 'slut walk' is child abuse." Another questioned her views on child abuse, "Soooo teaching kids to pray is abuse? So what is teaching kids to twerk and fighting doing? You fight on tv at a college, you promote a lifestyle in front of kids about sexuality! But PRAYING is abuse? Who raised you? Because only a demon would see praying as abuse!"

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