Sinitta Reveals She Looked 'so Crazy' After Getting Fillers
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The 59-year-old singer reveals in a new interview that she turned to cosmetic treatment in 2018 because she was looking 'gaunt' before deciding to dissolve it all in April last year.

AceShowbiz - Sinitta had fillers injected into her face because she was underweight. The 59-year-old singer has revealed that she turned to cosmetic treatment in 2018 because she was looking "gaunt."

Asked what cosmetic work she's had done, Sinitta told MailOnline, "I have Botox, but I don't have fillers - I had all my fillers taken out. I had them all dissolved in April last year. I'd lost a lot of weight previously and the fillers looked great - I needed it because I was so gaunt. Once the weight went on, I just looked so crazy, so I had them all taken out and I actually feel better now."

"It was really uncomfortable [having the fillers dissolved]. Look - there's a picture of me before [with the fillers] and I look like a different person. Those are the cheeks - oh my God. At first, I didn't realize, but suddenly when I see myself back, and I
think, 'What's happened to my face?' " she continued.

"You've either got to be a skeleton with fillers, or you've just got to be natural. But I needed it because I had about three or four years where I was a bit underweight, and so I would have fillers, but then I stopped having the fillers in."

Meanwhile, Sinitta also revealed that she's asked Simon Cowell, her long-time showbiz pal, to help her to find a man. However, she acknowledged that it's not a straightforward situation. She explained, "The problem is most of his friends I've known for years as well, so they're almost like brothers to me. But I have said it to him, and he's told me, 'OK, OK.' I bet he'll set me up with someone terrible just for a laugh."

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