Nicola Peltz Reveals Brooklyn Beckham Pulled a Trick to Propose to Her

Gushing over her 'romantic' husband, the 'Bates Motel' alum says that the cooking show host had her family fly over to New York so they got to celebrate their engagement together.

AceShowbiz - Brooklyn Beckham is "so romantic." The 24-year-old star, who is the son of David Beckham and Victoria Adams, married Nicola Peltz-Beckham in 2022, and the 28-year-old actress has spoken to Cosmopolitan U.K. about Brooklyn's proposal to her.

Nicola told the publication, "So we started dating three years ago last October. He would tell me all the time, 'I want to be with you,' or 'I want to marry you.' We got engaged eight months into our relationship, and at that point, he'd actually had the ring sitting in our room for three months. He's so romantic, so when he would plan something, I wouldn't think too much of it. So he was like, 'Oh, let's have a date night at your house.' And he tricked me, because we were in New York but my whole family was in Florida. But he'd told my family to fly up, so they were all hiding to celebrate with us. He really wanted both of our families to be there when he asked me, but it was so complicated with the border restrictions. So the morning after we got engaged, we flew to London so that we got to celebrate with his family, too."

Nicola and Brooklyn actually "spend every night together," even though they both have busy schedules. Asked how they nurture their romance, she explained, "Sometimes my friends will come sleep over and we'll all fall asleep on the couch, or they'll stay in my bed and Brooklyn will go sleep in the other room. Even with work travel, we work around it. Like, he had to do one day on-set in Los Angeles last year when we were in New York, but he never slept there ... I was like, 'You can go have a night at the apartment.' And he said no. So he woke up at, I don't know, 2 A.M. to get a very, very early flight and then flew right back after."

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