Travis Scott Responds to Alleged Club Attack Victim's Hospital Interview: 'Total Joke'
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The alleged victim, a sound engineer named Mark, claims in the interview that the 'SICKO MODE' hitmaker stuck his middle finger in his face before punching him at Club Nebula.

AceShowbiz - Travis Scott (II) has responded to his alleged club attack victim's hospital interview. In the interview, the sound engineer, who identified only as Mark, claimed that the "SICKO MODE" rapper "attacked" him.

The 31-year-old rapper's rep called the allegations against the rapper "a complete and total joke" in a statement provided to Complex on Thursday, March 2. The statement read, "As anyone with common sense can see, the video that shows Travis DJ'ing in Nebula proves that the incident was nothing. All it shows that Travis's performance was disrupted by someone aggressively in his personal space."

In the meantime, Travis' attorney Mitchell Schuster noted that there have been no charges filed against the "Goosebumps" rapper. Mitchell continued, "Legal counsel for Travis are actively working with the authorities and remain confident that Travis will be vindicated once all is said and done. Any statements about the incident involving Travis are clearly an attempt to sensationalize what is nothing more than a misunderstanding."

The response came after Mark detailed what had happened at the Nebula nightclub in an interview from his hospital bed with Fox 5 on Wednesday. As he sat in his hospital bed, the engineer explained the extent of his injuries. He said that he was having some trouble turning his head and was feeling some pain. "Obviously, my neck is f**ked up. My arm is tingly. I have pins and needles going down it," he declared.

Besides explaining his issues with his neck, Mark detailed what had allegedly happened between him and Travis at the club. He said that the volume during the rapper's set, during an appearance with Don Toliver, was too high, causing it to distort. "I was trying to tell him to lower [the volume] so it sounded good for the performance, but he just stuck his middle finger in my face. So I lowered the monitor a little bit so I could talk to him, and that's when he ran around the speaker and attacked me," he recalled.

Travis has been wanted by the New York City Police Department. The police are currently searching for the "Astroworld" rapper to question him about an alleged altercation in a nightclub.

Police reportedly responded to the scene at about 3:25 A.M. for an assault and criminal mischief. NBC News reports that Travis was patronizing the nightclub when, per an NYPD statement, he allegedly became involved in a "verbal dispute" with a sound engineer.

According to the statement obtained by the outlet, the rapper was also accused of escalating the exchange of words "into a physical altercation" and that he allegedly "punched the victim with a closed fist on the left side of the face." He was also accused of destroying roughly $12,000 worth of equipment in the club, including a speaker and a video screen, during his alleged rampage.

Following the news of the attack, a representative for Travis called it a "misunderstanding" in a statement to Daily Mail. "There have been discussions with the venue who confirmed this was a simple misunderstanding that was resolved in minutes," the statement read, "The show was great and never missed a beat. This has the earmarks of a cash grab but will be resolved and all those with an agenda will be held accountable." A source close to the rapper also told the outlet that he and his team were "working with law enforcement to resolve and get to the truth."

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