Lashana Lynch Will Return to Next James Bond Film Only If the Story Makes Her Heart 'Sing'
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Despite inheriting 007 title from Daniel Craig's James Bond in 'No Time to Die', the Nomi depicter is only willing to reprise her role if the next story 'makes sense' for her character.

AceShowbiz - Lashana Lynch paid no attention to speculation about who will be the next James Bond. Despite being linked to taking over the lead role in the franchise after her character Nomi inherited Bond's 007 code name in most recent film "No Time to Die", the 34-year-old actress insisted she's "way off grid" with the speculation as she doesn't believe it comes from official channels.

"I'm way off grid with that. I've had conversations with producers and much of it [the speculation] doesn't come from them. It's just the world wanting something to talk about," she said when asked if she follows the chatter about who will follow Daniel Craig in the iconic role.

Lashana would consider returning for a second Bond film but only "if it makes sense" for her character. She added to The Sunday Times magazine, "Anything I want to return to has to make my heart sing. I'm not just excited by something because everyone loves it."

While the "Woman King" star has been working steadily for several years, it has taken until her groundbreaking Bond role for Lashana to finally feel accepted by Hollywood. She said, "People in the industry now seem to have realised I exist. I enjoy the level of trust that some film-makers and producers have with me now."

The "Captain Marvel" actress felt "robbed" in the early days of her career when she struggled to get her big break but never gave up on her ambition. She said, "I felt like I was being robbed of being able to show my talent because they would want to go for an A-lister or a white woman, or someone with a little more experience, or a little bit shorter."

Asked if she ever thought about giving up her acting dreams, she added, "I've never worried about my career. I've always thought, 'I'm choosing to be an actor today. Tomorrow I might want to be a poet or build houses.' As long as I'm a creative for the rest of my life, I'm deeply happy."

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