Fans Defend LeBron James' Son Bronny After He's Clowned for Bringing White GF to Prom

The 17-year-old basketball player, who is currently dating Peyton Gelfuso, lands in hot water after posting some prom pictures of him and his girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - LeBron James' son continued to face crticism for dating a white girl. Bronny James was recently dragged on the Internet for bringing his girlfriend Peyton Gelfuso to prom, but this time, fans were quick to jump to his defense.

On Wednesday, May 18, the 17-year-old took to Instagram Story to share some prom pictures with Peyton. His mother Savannah also unleashed a few photos in which she helped the athlete fixing his outfit.

"Sooooo @bronny went to prom this past weekend….. Tons of emotions and realizations. Time really flies. So proud of you young man!! I will always have your front and your back!!" the proud mom gushed in the caption. She added, "Zhuri is processing all of this too!!" referring to the last image where Bronny's younger sister looked unimpressed.

Some online users were upset upon learning of Bronny's date, but he didn't need to waste time for haters because his fans have rallied behind him. One person in particular tweeted, "Bronny james can go to prom with whoever white or black his dad Lebron tf y'all thought he was gone date a thot ? N All black woman ain't Queens."

"So Bronny James gets harassed for taking a white girl to prom and now it's a big a** problem I am very disgusted on how people really think just because you don't like his choice doesn't mean you have to harass him because of it," another individual argued. "his father went to a prom with a white woman."

This was not the first time Bronny drew backlash over his relationship with Peyton. When it was first revelaed that Bronny's special someone is a white girl, many naysayers likened the high schooler to "his daddy" LeBron, who has been rumored having an affair with a white chick. "Like father like son LMAO I can 100% guarantee LeBron approves," one of the critics said.

"She look like his dad's side chick," another claimed. Someone said he/she's not surprised by Bronny's preference of girls as writing, "People have to realize that people date within their environment. He's around a lot of white girls so it was expected."

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