Prince Charles Alleged to Have 'Fled in Terror' From Ghost at Sandringham

Aside from making the claim about the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, 'Britain's Ghostly Heritage' also reveals an alleged spooky encounter Princess Margaret had at Windsor Castle.

AceShowbiz - Prince Charles once fled from a ghost at Sandringham. The 73-year-old royal, who is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and is married to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was claimed in a new book to have run away from the spooky presence at the monarch's lavish estate in Norfolk.

According to The Sun newspaper, "Britain's Ghostly Heritage" author John West claims, "Christmas cards move on mantlepieces, doors open on their own, lights turn on and off, and eerie footsteps have been reported at the Queen's Norfolk retreat."

The outlet went on to claim that a young Charles and a footman once "fled in terror" from the library after they felt a cold presence and were convinced that a ghostly figure was behind them.

The same book also alleges that Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, had seen the ghost of Tudor monarch Elizabeth I in a corridor at Windsor Castle and that 18th century monarch King George III had been seen "looking longingly" out of the windows whilst confined in Buckingham Palace.

Royal biographer Kenneth Rose claimed that back in 2000, the Queen had a "little service" for the supposed ghouls of Sandringham after learning from servants that one of the rooms was supposedly haunted.

The service was said to have been attended by the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother's lady-in-waiting Prue Penn, according to diary entries made by Rose and printed in the Daily Mail back in 2019.

The diaries read, "Prue Penn [the Queen Mother's lady-in-waiting] tells me that at Sandringham in the summer, the Queen invited her to attend a little service in one of its rooms conducted by the local parson. The only other person present was the Queen Mother. Some of the servants had complained that the room was haunted and did not want to work in it. The parson walked from room to room and did indeed feel some sort of restlessness in one of them."

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