Kate Beckinsale Breaks Silence on Hospitalization: I Injured My Back While Putting on Leggings
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The 'Underworld' actress sets the record straight on the rumors suggesting she was hospitalized due to on-set injury while filming her new movie 'Prisoner's Daughter'.

AceShowbiz - Kate Beckinsale didn't injure herself on the set of her latest movie - she hurt her back while putting on a pair of leggings in her hotel room.

The British actress was taken to hospital via ambulance in Las Vegas last month (Sep21), with reports at the time suggesting that she'd suffered an injury while shooting her latest movie "Prisoner's Daughter".

However, as she appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on Monday night (18Oct21), Kate set the record straight about what actually happened - and the real story was far less dramatic.

"Well, having done eight or nine hundred action movies, I hurt myself putting on a pair of leggings in a hotel room," she laughed.

When James commented that he thought she must have got injured during a stunt, Kate replied, "No, I was doing a very intense emotional drama. And not running up walls or anything. And I was in my hotel room putting on a pair of leggings and then it felt like a sort of guitar string snapped."

Kate added that the pain was unlike anything she's ever felt before - even having her daughter.

"Everything was horrific. It was worse than having a baby. I couldn't walk, I couldn't lie down, I couldn't sit down, I couldn't do anything," she sighed.

"Eventually an ambulance came and they rolled out a sheet and picked me up in it, like a sort of a sausage and put me in a gurney."

Once at the hospital, Kate was put on pain medication, which gave her a similar reaction to alcohol. And since she doesn't really drink, the situation was an opportunity to find out "what kind of a drunk I am."

"I'm not the 'do you know who I am, have you seen all my films' type, which is a huge relief. So I'm really glad I'm not. But I am a 'everyone is trying to steal my f**king ovaries,' " she laughed.

And luckily Kate is back to full health, as she added, "I'm alright now."

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