Saweetie Says She Was Almost Thrown to Jail for Stealing When She's Young

The brush with the law prompts the 'Friend' raptress, who was a high school sports star when she was teen, to reevaluate the decisions she was making with her life.

AceShowbiz - Saweetie has one unforgettable moment when she was a teen. In her interview for Teen Vogue's June cover story, the "My Type" hitmaker revealed that when she was young, she was nearly arrested after she was caught stealing.

"Before I went to college, I almost went to jail because I got caught stealing," Saweetie recalled, adding that the incident took place when she was a sophomore. "At a young age, I just always liked the finer things -- and I'm not even talking about name brands. I just like looking good."

Thankfully, the officers decided to let her go instead of locking her up. The brush with the law prompted the "Best Friend" raptress to reevaluate the decisions she was making with her life. "In that moment, I was like, I'm not really about this life,' " Saweetie, who was a high school sports star, recalled. "I get straight A's, I'm a year-round athlete... I think the lesson was that [I had worked] too hard for everything to be thrown away."

During the interview, Saweetie also discussed Black Lives Matter movement as well that the increasing hate crimes that the Asian community faced amid COVID-19 pandemic. "I felt helpless," Saweetie, whose mother is a Filipino-Chinese, shared. "No amount of money can bring back these lives or can Band-Aid the bruises, pains, and scars a lot of these families experience."

"A 70-, 80-year-old [Asian] grandmother who was walking down the street is getting beat up by a middle-aged man. The security guard just watches. And it makes me feel like, 'Do I matter?' " the University of Southern California graduate went on to say. "If I wasn't a celebrity and I was that age, would they care about me if I was to get beat up?"

In addition to donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to various organization, Saweetie and her grandmother launched her own non-profit called the Icy Baby foundation. She noted that the organization is hoped to help share her wealth with those in need, including Black and Asian groups.

"Growing up, my mom always asked me, 'Where's your heart?' When she would question my actions and my motives, she'd be like, 'Diamonte, do you care? And if you care, what are you going to do about it?' " she shared.

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