Rumors of Will Smith Having an Affair With Margot Robbie Resurface After Jada's Confession

The rumors between the 'Focus' co-stars first sparked when they were working on the movie together, with an insider claiming to have seen them getting flirtatious with each other.

AceShowbiz - Margot Robbie found her name trending on Twitter on Friday, July 10, but it wasn't for a good reason. People now suspect that the "Suicide Squad" star was really having an affair with her co-star Will Smith after Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to dating August Alsina four years ago when the couple decided to take the time out of their marriage.

It made people convinced that Jada was not the only one having an affair, because around the same time Jada and August were dating, there were rumors going around saying Will and Margot were in a relationship. "will smith really piped margot robbie . i'm going to sleep , f**k this," one convinced user said, as another couldn't contain her/his surprise, "WAIT SO JADA AND AUGUST WAS REALLY F**KIN??? AND ALL WHILE WILL SMITH WAS BLOWING MARGOT ROBBIE BACK OUT??? AYOOOOOO."

"Will jumping over Margot Robbie gate, right after red table talk," someone else quipped, as one more person commented, "Margot Robbie husband watching the Will & jada Red Table talk episode realizing will Smith smashed." There was also an individual who said, "So if Jada coming clean about August is Will gonna admit to Margot Robbie?" Meanwhile, a person wrote, "Wait Jada had a relationship with someone else and for revenge Will bagged Margot Robbie. Sounds like a W to me."

Margot and Will's affair rumors first sparked when they worked together on "Focus". At the time, a publication reported that the actor had been seen being flirtatious with the blonde beauty at a party on the set of the movie. "He wasn't acting like a married man," an insider said at the time. "He gave no signs that he was in a committed relationship… what kind of married man would go into a photo booth with a sexy 23-year-old and start to undress?"

However, Margot debunked the rumors as saying, "Been working non-stop, just catching my breath. There's absolutely no truth to the ridiculous rumor in Star mag… It's disappointing that goofing around on set could be taken so out of context."

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