Rubi Rose Slammed After Getting Stranded Following Lil Tjay Hook-Up

The Atlanta-based star is called 'dummy' for flying down to hook up with the 'Pop Out' rapper during the coronavirus quarantine, but the latter has pled with fans to stop sending Rubi hate.

AceShowbiz - Rubi Rose is upset at Lil Tjay for leaving her stranded after she hooked up with him. On Thursday, April 30, which happened to be his birthday, the South Bronx rapper apparently decided to have some fun by flying the Atlanta-based star to spend the day with him.

It was all fun, as shown in some pictures Tjay posted on his Snapchat, until it was time to Rubi to go back home. The 19-year-old star apparently only bought her a one-way ticket and refused to pay for her flight back home.

According to Tjay, Rubi called cops on him. "Broke her heart she called the cops on me," he wrote along with a video of her looking upset while sitting on the edge of a bed.

The female emcee, meanwhile, seemed to allude to the commotion in her cryptic tweets. "A n***a will literally beg u to put ur guard down and still play the f**k out of u," she wrote. She added in another post, "Yeah ...imma just hold this L [a fist emoji]."

But people have been blaming Rubi for flying down to meet Tjay despite the coronavirus quarantine. "I wanna know why rubi rose ass flying out to see a n***a wen we supposed to be social distancing," a confused user demanded. Another angrily wrote, "I want to feel bad for Rubi Rose but why would you hop on a plane to f**k an 18yr old and expect him to act mature about the situation? Idc her and lil tjay are both dummies."

A third user advised her to be wiser with the man she's linked to, "I love Rubi rose but I'ma need her to stop linking w ugly n***as. There is no reason I should see her on gossip pages being played by lames. She could be w anybodyyy." Another suggested, "Rubi Rose needs to take a sabbatical and think about where's she's headed in life. That was a BIG L to take. Treat your body like a temple, not a McDonalds.."

Someone else blasted Playboi Carti's collaborator on his 2019 song "Big Mouth", "Rubi Rose is a prime example of females who talk big s**t and don't back it up."

But Tjay has come to Rubi's defense. Taking to Instagram Live to address the situation with the fellow rapper, he called her "a good person" that he "f**ked with." He also still considers her "my friend" and asked fans to stop slamming her, because that's not nice.

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