Willem Dafoe Could Hear Lobster Talking to Him When Filming 'The Lighthouse'

The Norman Osborn of Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' trilogy says he gave up eating lobster after he felt the animal was talking to him when he was filming with Robert Pattinson.

AceShowbiz - Willem Dafoe has given up eating lobster after feeling a crustacean "speaking" to him while filming scenes for "The Lighthouse".

Dafoe shot the movie, about a lighthouse keeper and his sullen apprentice, alongside co-star Robert Pattinson on a remote peninsula in Nova Scotia, Canada, and stayed in a fisherman's hut nearby.

His lighthouse keeper character cooks lobster as a specialist dish, which the star was well prepared for, having learned how to cook them while staying with family in Maine - but unexpectedly found himself unable to eat the animals after he felt they were talking to him.

"I knew about massaging a lobster (a technique for putting the crustacean to sleep before boiling them)," the star tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.

"And how to prepare it. But this time, up in Nova Scotia, it bothered me. That lobster was speaking to me. So one day, I just stopped eating lobster, on that shoot. Haven't eaten one since. I cooked up pasta, rice and vegetable dishes."

Dafoe also reveals that he and Pattinson had different approaches to making director Dave Eggers' movie - but he eventually came round to the Brit's acting style.

"Rob, besides having a different background, he's a more reflective character. He didn't want to do things in rehearsal that might flatten out when it came time to film. He just didn't want to go there. In retrospect, it worked out OK. He threw himself into it, just not necessarily into rehearsal."

"In person, he's self-effacing and 'aw shucks'. But he's really hungry, and I appreciate that. I don't think people know how driven he is to achieve excellence."

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