Fetty Wap's BM Masika Kalysha Threatens to Attack His Wife for Posting Video of Her Daughter

Taking to Instagram Stories, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' alum says she will 'hop on the red eye to black her eye and snatch the other eye out ya f***ing face.'

AceShowbiz - Masika Kalysha is not here for someone she doesn't know posting pics and videos of her child without her consent. On Tuesday, November 19, the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" alum went on a rant after Fetty Wap's wife, Leandra K. Gonzalez, posted and deleted on Instagram Stories a video of her with Masika's daughter Khari Barbie.

Taking to her own account, Masika started by warning "the w***e" Fetty called a mistake that she's not an easy person. "I will go to jail or hell behind my f***ing child," she added, before blasting the rapper for not keeping his promise. "After u swore u would never have my child around any of yo h***s that u haven't introduced to me yet u got this groupie h** around my kid taking a sneak picture like a fan in the f***ing bathroom looking real statutory!"

She went on threatening the woman, "I'm bout to hop on the red eye to black her eye and snatch the other eye out ya f***ing face."

One post apparently wasn't enough for Masika to get the rage out of her mind because she later shared another post dissing a "clown a** b***h." The reality TV star wrote, "U f***ing goofy waited for me to leave to post & delete my child like I won't hop on a red eye to black ya eye! Enjoy ya missery with everyones n***a by ya f***ing lonesome! You couldn't pay me $to f**k wit that toxic trash a** n***a but you so insecure u wanna involve my child."

Even though Masika didn't name names in her posts, it was clear that she was referring to Leandra. After all, shortly before Masika made the posts, Leandra posted a video with Khaki before deleting it. When someone dissed her for looking like a "groupie" in the footage, the entrepreneur defended herself by saying, "We were singing a song while we was washing out hands."

Meanwhile, Leandra has yet to respond to Masika.

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