Fans Confuse Beyonce With Lisa Bonet in New Photo

The said photo was actually taken when the 'Lion King' voice actress attended a Halloween Party last year, as she dressed up as the 51-year-old 'Angel Heart' star.

AceShowbiz - Is that Beyonce Knowles or Lisa Bonet? To celebrate her 37th birthday, the singing diva has shared a series of new photos on her website, including those that included Bey with her family. However, some of those images made a lot of people do a double take because she looked a lot like the 51-year-old star that they began mistaking Bey for Lisa.

Their resemblance was exceptionally strong in a photo of "The Lion King" voice actress holding her twins, Sir and Rumi, against a white backdrop. Bey sported raven curly locks that she teamed with a gray top hat and a lacy sheer blouse as well as a gray skirt. Completing her style were a Rosario necklace and a loose purple kimono, as she covered her eyes with shades.

In another photo, her husband Jay-Z was seen taking a selfie as Bey and their eldest daughter Blue Ivy walked behind him. There was also a photo of the couple showing their affection with the "Lemonade" singer pouting her lips towards the rapper. In both images, Bey styled her hair in braids.

Seeing the pictures, fans couldn't help but mistake her for Lisa. "OK Lisa Bonet," a social media user commented. "Soooo that's not Lisa Bonet!?" someone appeared to be in disbelief and asked, to which another responded, "Nooooo lmao."

Another admitted, "Lol the first pic I thought was Lisa Bonet," while an individual said, "My mind glitched a bit at first. I could not comprehend how 90s lisa bonet was holding beyonce's kids." One person also confessed, "Lmao I was so confused like why are Beyonce's twins with Lisa Bonet."

Some then mentioned that the picture of her holding Rumi and Sir was taken at a 2018 Halloween Party, where Bey was actually dressing up as the "Angel Heart" actress. Thus, it's inevitable that people mistook her for Lisa.

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