Bella Thorne Strips Completely Naked, Smokes Joint in New Instagram Pic

The 'Midnight Sun' star oozes vulnerability as she bares all in the image, which is captioned with a poem from her upcoming book 'The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray'.

AceShowbiz - Bella Thorne is back at it again. Four weeks after she shut down a blackmailing attempt by sharing her own topless photos to thwart a hacker who threatened to leak those images, the 21-year-old actress/singer bares all in her latest Instagram picture.

The former Disney Channel star strips down to her birthday suit in the new image, wearing no single piece of clothes. She, however, puts her legs strategically over her chest and hugs her knees to cover her modesty, though the photo still features a glimpse of Bella's chest.

Not being shy of her recreational marijuana use, the "Midnight Sun" star also holds a joint and a lighter. She oozes vulnerability as she gazes straight into the camera with candid expression. Despite her state of undress, the photo is not about sex appeal as she apparently uses it to promote her upcoming book.

Bella Thorne Strips Completely Naked in New Instagram Picture

Bella captions the image with a poem from her poetry book "The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray". "I'm sorry for the words I said/ I'm sorry for the monsters stuck under my bed/ I'm sorry for those stary faithful eyes/ I'm sorry their nothing but demise/ To me/ To me," reads the poem.

It continues, "I'm sorry my breaking point was onsite/ I'm sorry we'll never have another night/ I wish there was a brighter night/ Not this dark one that only bites/ Where ever u are/ I hope there's a star above u that's bright/ That outweighs all of your dim lights/ U don't have to come looking for me I'm always to ur right." She adds the hashtag "#thelifeofawannabemogul."

In the upcoming book, which features a collection of poems, Bella shares her innermost thoughts and chronicles her experience with childhood, love and public perception. She recently described her experience of becoming a poet as "therapeutic" and "cathartic."

"I really believe that the only way to get over the s**t that happened to you, that you think is the hardest s**t that happened to you, is to live in it again and again and again and again until you are no longer uncomfortable by it," she said in an interview with BuzzFeed News' Profile.

She also talked about being honest with her writing in the book, "You know, I think a lot of people think that if you're going to write about your dead father you're probably going to say, like, a lot of really great things and such, and what I like about all this stuff that I'd written is like, no one's parents are perfect on either side." She added, "It's good to have in there because he doesn't get to be a hero just because he's dead."

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