Lady GaGa Blasted Online for Kissing Married Trumpet Player Brian Newman Onstage
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The 'A Star Is Born' star divides fans after sharing a kiss with her longtime friend during her 'Enigma' residency concert in Las Vegas while his wife was reportedly in the audience.

AceShowbiz - While people have not done accusing Lady GaGa of causing Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's split, she sparked new criticism by kissing a married man. The jaw-dropping act happened during her "Enigma" residency concert in Las Vegas on Saturday, June 15.

The 33-year-old singer/actress shocked everyone as she shared a kiss onstage with her longtime friend and trumpet player Brian Newman. In a video which has circulated online, the "American Horror Story: Hotel" star can be seen serenading Newman while holding his hand before she sang the line, "Darling, kiss me." GaGa then leaned in and the two locked lips, as the crowd cheered.

A source played down the lip-locking action, telling Us Weekly, "There is nothing to see here. GaGa is a performer, and it was a playful, harmless part of her act. She and Brian have had an incredible friendship for years and see each other as family." Brian's wife Angie Pontani was reportedly in the audience and GaGa is the godmother to the couple's child.

The fact that GaGa is close to the couple, however, only enraged some Twitter users. "I know they are friends since.... Forever. But Christ's sake, he [is] married!!! GAGA should behave better," one wrote. Another posted a gif of her singing with "They call me home wrecker" over it.

"gaga could you STOPPPPP he's married," someone else added, while another reminded GaGa, "Guuuurl! Wtf are you doing he's married and you're his child's godmother!!!!" Someone else similarly commented, "No. If she is not 'acting' then it's not justified. We don't go around kissing married man. Not even if one is Lady Gaga."

"OMG! I keep reading the wife was ok with it, but come on …," another argued, "have enough respect for the sanctity of marriage and for yourself not to do things like that! Part of the act is an excuse what was the wife going to do put her foot down and if she did she's be unsupportive ect.. really don't put yourself or others in that situation."

Still, there are some who defended GaGa. "She needs to chill. Joking, love seeing her in her element," one supporter wrote. Another simply called the Oscar-nominated actress "Icon."

Newman told Forbes in November about his friendship with GaGa, "One night after she made her first hit record she came to see us in TriBeCa. We ended up playing 'Someone to Watch Over Me' together, and it was the start of a beautiful musical friendship. She's just a great musician and a great person. The godmother to my child and a beautiful human being."

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